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Creamy Eddoes Talkari.

trinidad eddoes talkarie recipe (10)

Here’s a another dish our mother could not get us to eat as kids. Our reason being.. “it eh have no colour”. On the islands we tend to do a lot of eating with our eyes and we expect everything cooked to have some “colour” to it or it’s automatically unappetizing for us. But like with many dishes I now enjoy, adulthood really opened my eyes and taste buds. This is a nice side (talkari) to hot sada roti and with a few pieces of lime peppersauce… you’re set!

You’ll Need…

1 tablespoon olive oil  or vegetable
5 medium eddoes  peeled / cubed
1 medium potato  peeled / cubed
2 cloves garlic  crushed
1/4 hot pepper sliced thin – remember to leave out the seeds to control the heat
1/2 medium onion sliced
4 tablespoon of salted cod pieces
1/4 teaspoon salt (the salted cod will also add some salt to the dish)
1 teaspoon each chopped fine:
– thyme
– Spanish thyme
– celery leaf
– chives
(or you can use scallions + cilantro + thyme) basically any sort of fresh herbs that you may have.

* The potato is optional, but I love the added texture it gives to the overall dish.

Start by prepping everything. This means peeling, slicing and cube the potato / eddoes pieces the same size so they cook uniformly. I also soak the pieces of salted cod in hot water for a few minutes to rehydrate them and to release most of the salt (drain).

trinidad eddoes talkarie recipe

trinidad eddoes talkarie recipe (3)

trinidad eddoes talkarie recipe (2)

trinidad eddoes talkarie recipe (4)

Now heat the oil on medium/high heat and add the pieces of salted cod, then followed by the onion. Cook this for a couple minutes, then add the pieces of potato and eddoes. Stir well and cook for a minute or two, then top with all the other ingredients, including the water. Cover the pot, bring it to a boil, then to a gentle simmer.

trinidad eddoes talkarie recipe (5)

trinidad eddoes talkarie recipe (6)

trinidad eddoes talkarie recipe (7)

trinidad eddoes talkarie recipe (8)

Allow this to cook for about 25 minutes, or until the eddoes is tender and the dish gets a sort of thick soupy consistency (see pic below).  To make this into a full vegetarian dish, ignore the part where I added the pieces of salted cod, but do taste at the end, in the event you have to add more salt. Remember the salted cod fish pieces will add additional salt to this dish.

trinidad eddoes talkarie recipe (9)

trinidad eddoes talkarie recipe (10)

Simply and tasty… my kinda dish! Don’t forget to leave your comments below, even if it’s just to say hello – it’s really appreciated. And while I have your attention, please join us on Facebook – you’ll love the community we’ve created. Simply click on the facebook image below to get started.

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15 Responses to “Creamy Eddoes Talkari.”

  1. June Austin-Pinder says:

    I can’t wait to try. Eddoes was not one of our family dishes but all that I have tried from your site have enhanced our dining pleasure.

  2. Pat says:

    I love Eddoes I remember when I was young Mum also had pulp Eddoes and she put lime juice butter and onion, it was so tasty, I am going to get some at the Caribbean store and make this it looks lovely. Thanks for all your delightful recipes.

  3. Hayley says:

    I’m thinkng some coconut milk instead of water would be delicous!

  4. Paul Coffey says:

    After looking at the picture, I realized that Eddoes is just another name for Taro. Luckily the local Vons carries them so I guess I’ll have to try it out

  5. Linda Ferguson says:

    Hi Chris, I certainly will give this a try. It looks simply delicious.

  6. Ria says:

    Chris, the kids on the Islands were right, if “it eh have color”. means it was not full of the variety of important vitamins and minerals found in different fruits n veggies. Rainbow looking meals are really the best to nourish our bodies.

  7. June says:

    Chris have you ever tried using this mixture as a stuffing for fried bakes,thin oven bakes or even dhalporrie(add a bit of geera and dry out all the liquid before using as a stuffing, I can assure you its finger licking gooooooood.Try it sometime

  8. dacha68 says:

    Interesting! Would like to try it without the salted cod for a vegetarian dish!

  9. Maria says:

    Hi Chris, this also tastes fantastic if you use Breadfruit.

  10. hi Chris,

    thanks for all the recipes you,ve sent me so far, they are most interesting and exciting to read. I have not yet cooked any but will be doing so when I next have a gathering of friends around, so they can sample the Trinidadian version of those dishes which we also have in our cuisine in Jamaica. The earth food you call Edoe is what we call Dasheen in Jamaica and I love this food item cooked in so many different ways, roasted, fried, boiled or in red kidney bean soup and I shall definately be trying your recipe of it this very week.I am currently on course to completing my cookbook of Jamaican/Caribbean cuisine as well as my first calendar which will be out for 2011. I'll link you a copy when it is completed.

    Speak to you soon
    vennette Jones of

  11. natascha says:

    love the Doglization of the food…Suriname should really take note…I love this dish as a seperate dish, cooked starch and fried bakjaw , called heri-heri….


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