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Chris H De La Rosa

Welcome to and no, there’s NO reference to “pot” the feel-good bush. This is all about food and the culinary culture of the Caribbean. Although my roots are in Trinidad and Tobago and part of my focus lies there, my goal is to feature recipes from all the beautiful islands which make up the Caribbean.

I’ll briefly tell you a bit about myself and the inspiration behind this website, then I’ll share some insight on the site itself and I’ll finish off by telling you how you can connect with me.

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About Chris:

I was born in Trinidad and Tobago but I now live in Hamilton Ontario with my gorgeous daughters Kieana, Tehya, India and handsome son Zyair. Cooking is a passion and though I have no formal training I can boast that I’ve been influenced by people who have a few hundred years worth of experience under their collective belts. As a typical Trinbagonian I love a good fete (party), liming (hanging out) with friends, ole talk, parang and pan, can take and give jokes, dependable, will try just about anything, family is very important to me and I was told that I can be very intimidating since I don’t smile . . . much!

I’m not a professional writer, so any spelling and grammatical errors you come across . . . pretend you didn’t see them! BTW, I’m just as comfortable in the jungle as I’m in any metropolitan city but if I could retire today it would be close to the beach where I would sail, surf, scuba, fish and just chill.

About came about in the spring of 2009 and the very fist recipe/post was made on March 24. A combination of things saw the birth of this recipe portal…

1. I hated the fact that our cuisine is not as documented (cookbooks, etc) as so many other cultures globally and that most people outside the Caribbean are deprived of the knowledge of hundreds of years of our cooking traditions.

2. I wanted my children to learn how to cook the food I grew up on and to be able to share that knowledge with their children (hopefully I get to be relieved of being the designated cook in the house). But since I learned with the “dash or this and a little of that” method (no real measurements) I knew I had to not only document things for them specifically, but to provide pictures to aid in the cooking process

3. With over 17 years of online working experience and my love for cooking . . . this was about to be my new hobby

4. With all that I’ve learned from my mom and dad in the kitchen, as well as my grandmothers (Julia 99 yrs old and Christina who died at the young age of 104) and my aunt Victoria who I lived with when I first moved to Canada . . . I knew I just had to pass that knowledge on. Special mention to uncle B whose mastery of the “bush cook” was passed on to me as well.

The Scope of

The work I do on is enjoyed globally and when I look at my traffic stats I can boast that there isn’t a country on this planet, that someone has not come onto this website from.

With over 750,000 monthly visitors, one of the largest (probably the largest) Facebook Fan pages (over 350,000 fans) dedicated to the cuisine of the Caribbean and with over 100 million (102,245,000)  video views on the YouTube cooking channel and 866,000 subscribers…. my dream of taking our cuisine globally is becoming a reality. (stats quoted are reflective of today’s date Nov 22, 2023).

My recipes and I have been featured on a number of local and international newspapers and websites around the world. See the full list on my Press page < click

Connecting with

There are several ways you can connect with me and the work I’m doing, but I must mention that the biggest help you can give… is by telling others about the website and do leave your comments at the bottom of each recipe. Even if it’s just to say hello.. it confirms that someone is paying attention!

To connect with me directly on Facebook, search Christopher De La Rosa (click) and say that you know me from On Twitter – Obzokee … I know some of you may get the meaning. To view all the cooking videos check out the You Tube Channel. NEW~ INSTAGRAM @ CaribbeanPot And to be part of one of the largest Caribbean food groups on Face Book, click >> CaribbeanPot.

Collaborating with

I do hope you enjoy the recipes I try to share on a weekly basis and if you publish a Caribbean food website, you’re a cookbook author or some involved in spreading the culinary traditions of the Caribbean and would like some exposure… do get in contact with me. I’ve done several features on cookbook authors etc and I assure you that I’ve helped tremendously to market their work. Even if you’re a food manufacturer (maybe you have a brand of peppersauce).. I’m happy to help wherever I can.


I’m also open to interviews, features and if you’d like to publish any of my recipes you’ll need to get my written permission. In your letter/email to me please include your full name, publication, the image and/or recipe you’d like to use, when you plan on publishing and your geographic location. You will be required to provide a link back to this website and give me full credit for the use of the work within the publication. Please use the contact link above to get in contact with me.

Thanks from

I’d like to thank everyone who’ve helped along the way (especially my mom and dad who continue to inspire, motivate and PUSH me) and for all you readers… thanks for your continued support. If you come across a recipe on this website you know your mom, grandma, godmother (you get the picture) cooks differently, please don’t be disrespectful and post that whatever I did is wrong.. everyone does things differently.

Happy cooking


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