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As you may already know, was created as a space where I could document the recipes my daughters grew up enjoying. They were about to leave home to further their education, and I wanted them to take the Caribbean kitchen with them. Though I call Canada home, my tiny kitchen is very reflective of the Caribbean… alive with spices, fresh herbs, and delicious sauces. Caribbean recipes are not as well documented as other cultures’ are, and it’s one of the reasons why you’ll hardly ever find a Caribbean recipe book at major book chains. I didn’t want my daughters disconnecting from their Caribbean heritage, and — more importantly — I didn’t want them eating in an unhealthy way.

Along with the goals of having my girls eating well and passing on my culinary traditions, I especially wanted the recipes to be easy to for them to follow — foolproof, in fact. Over the past five years, I’ve shown you, on my Website, how simple it is to create tasty and healthy meals, rich in flavour, and wonderfully appetizing.

And so I decided to write The Vibrant Caribbean Pot — 100 Traditional And Fusion Recipes, Vol 2. For me, this book represents my way of contributing to my culinary history, so nothing gets lost over time. And based on the connection to Caribbean food, this book on traditional Caribbean cooking is the natural evolution of the Website I started all those years ago.

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Caribbean Cuisine? Easy As Pie!

Caribbean cuisine may be new to some of you; for others, it will be a re-connection to their culinary culture. In writing this book, I wanted to address the hundreds of emails I’ve received, and answer the questions from my fans, on…

  • highlighting healthy meals
  • encouraging cooking as a family
  • preserving hundreds of years of culinary traditions
  • reconnecting people with their Caribbean roots
  • introducing the world to our beautiful cuisine
  • providing step-by-step recipes and techniques

In The Vibrant Caribbean Pot — 100 Traditional And Fusion Recipes, Vol 2, I will hold you by the hand as we explore the rich and diverse culinary culture of the Caribbean — right in your kitchen. Whether you’re cooking for one, for a family, or simply cooking to impress that special person in your life, you will not fail. That I promise you.

I also promise to be your guide as we explore the 100 hand-picked recipes I chose for my debut printed Caribbean cookbook. I don’t want you to be scared of or intimidated by the kitchen. Cooking should be fun and stress free… even if you can’t seem to cook anything without setting off the smoke alarm.

Each recipe will have exact ingredients and measurements — not like when my mom would say (in her Trinibagonian accent), “ah lil bit of this and a pinch of dat” when I call her to get help with a recipe.

With easy-to-follow instructions, and a stunning photo of every completed dish, you’ll be preparing authentic Caribbean specialties in no time!

In The Vibrant Caribbean Pot — 100 Traditional And Fusion Recipes, Vol 2, not only did I choose 100 of my favorite recipes to share with you, you’ll also find that the recipes represent a cross section of the English, French, Dutch, and Spanish speaking Caribbean.

Here’s what you’ll find:

  • 100 hand-picked Caribbean recipes, for
    • Meats and Poultry
    • Vegetarian Dishes
    • Sauces and Condiments
    • Fish and Seafood
    • Drinks
    • Sweet and Savoury Endings
  • Over 160 high-definition photos
  • Step-by-step, detailed cooking instructions
  • 166 professionally edited pages
  • A “Get to Know the Caribbean Kitchen” section
  • How to shop for ingredients — including suggestions for when you cannot source traditional ingredients

I’m very proud to say that the entire Caribbean is represented in this masterful Caribbean cookbook.

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Thanks for your kind support of my work. It’s truly a pleasure sharing my knowledge of the culinary culture of the Caribbean with you on and I look forward to your hearing your thoughts on The Vibrant Caribbean Pot 100 Traditional And Fusion Recipes Vol 2.

Happy Cooking, Chris…..