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The Ultimate Pepper Sauce Recipe.

trinidad grind peppersauce recipe (10)

With the abundance of hot peppers I had in my garden this summer, you may have noticed that there are several recipes recently dedicated to the most classic of Caribbean condiments… pepper sauce (hot sauce). If you look at the very bottom of this post, there should be some links to some of the spicy sauces I’ve shared recently that I encourage you to try. As I’ve pointed out in the past, just about everyone on the islands swears that their pepper sauce is the best! Be it the heat, uniqueness of the ingredients used or overall flavor. Here’s one that follows most of the common principles of making a good pepper sauce, with a few personal ingredients I like to add. Be warned that this is very HOT!

You’ll Need…

15-20 hot peppers (scotch bonnet or habanero)
1 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 cups vinegar
10 leaves of Shado Beni or 1 cup cilantro
6 cloves of garlic
1/4 small green papaya
1 small bitter melon (caraili)
1 lemon or 2 ripe limes
Juice of 4 limes
8 pimento peppers – optional
1 carrot – optional (helps to balance heat from peppers)

Some notes:

a. u include the seeds of the pepper for added heat
b. add more vinegar if you like it less thick.
c. remember to remove the seeds from the lemon after cubing.

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trinidad grind peppersauce recipe

I start off by rough chopping the shado beni, papaya and bitter melon to make it easier to puree in the food processor (remember to peel and remove the seeds from the papaya as well as the bitter melon – you don’t have to peel the bitter melon). I remove the skin off the garlic as well to have it prepped.

trinidad grind peppersauce recipe (2)

I then slice and cube the lemon and remove any seeds that I see.

trinidad grind peppersauce recipe (3)

I highly suggest you wear gloves for the next few steps, as the peppers can cause some pain if you handle them with your bare hands. I then remove the stems off the peppers and give them a rough chop. I retain all the seeds, but if want a milder sauce, do remove the seeds.

trinidad grind peppersauce recipe (4)

trinidad grind peppersauce recipe (5)

Now that I have everything prepped, it’s time to bring out the vintage (old) blender and put it to use. Basically all you’re doing is adding everything listed in the ingredients list to the blender or food processor and puree it until it’s a smooth consistency.You may need to add more vinegar as I pointed out above.

trinidad grind peppersauce recipe (6)

trinidad grind peppersauce recipe (7)

trinidad grind peppersauce recipe (8)

IMPORTANT : the amount of ingredients you’re seeing in the pictures above is not what I mentioned in the ingredient list. I’m making a bigger batch, but follow along with the ingredients I listed and you’ll be set. You’ll also notice that due to the big batch I’m making that I have a lot of bottles of finished sauce. You’ll have enough for one bottle when done.

trinidad grind peppersauce recipe (9)

Pour into a clean, dry bottle and store. It should be fine outside the fridge since we used vinegar, but you can certainly keep it in the fridge so it will last longer. Bear in mind that by placing it in the fridge, it will loose some of it’s heat. This is the batch I got when I was done. I have some lucky friends who’ll have their hands on the Ultimate Pepper Sauce when I see them next.

trinidad grind peppersauce recipe (11)


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247 Responses to “The Ultimate Pepper Sauce Recipe.”

  1. Rajin says:

    Hi, are you from Trinidad? If yes, where can I find yellow lemons here?

  2. Debra Edmund says:

    Morning Chris, I have your cookbooks and use your recipes all the time. I want to try this ultimate pepper sauce, but am in Texas. Have never seen a bitter melon. Anything to substitute for it? Also, while we do get papaya’s they are not small green ones. Anything to substitute for that?

  3. Leon alves says:

    that book looks fantastic.

  4. dmlee says:

    Hello Chris!!! I stumbled upon your page by accident and let me just say… it was the best stumble ever!!! You’re recipes are great and I want to thank you for sharing part of your heritage. I love to try different foods but can’t afford to travel to taste it so thanks to you, I get a little taste of your country. Thanks again and please don’t stop sharing!!!

  5. Richard says:


    I’ve just made this and it looks & tastes great. Sweet, sharp, tangy and hot.

    I couldn’t get fresh Pimenton peppers, but found pickled ones, which works well seeing as vinegar goes in to the recipe anyway. Anyone in the UK – look out for Aleyna Cherry Peppers in Tesco.

    You’ll need to go to an Indian greengrocer for bitter gourd or Karela.

  6. Tim dinelle says:

    Hi Chris your recipes are excellent thanks. For this pepper sauce I can’t find a bitter Mellon can I substitute it for something else thanks

  7. D says:

    I’ve tried making this sauce. Apparently the 4 lime juice was too much. It made my sauce very sour. Might have been better if it left it out.

  8. Lynn Hammond says:

    you know I’m a trini to heart love cooking love the pepper sauce recipe must try have peppers already. Thank

  9. Linda says:

    Chris, I will certainly be making this pepper sauce. I have practically everything growing in backyard garden. My home may be without other things but never out of hot sauce, thank you for the recipe.

  10. Deborah says:

    Hey Chris, I made, your Green Sauce last weekend. It is Awesome. I will try the pepper sauce recipe next. Thanks for these Great Recipes.

  11. Randy Reid says:

    I bought a lot of Trinidad scorpion peppers this year from a local grower. I tried a few and they were HOT. I then froze the rest. I was surprised to find out they were not as hot now since they have been previously frozen.
    Live and learn.

  12. Angella says:

    I just ordered your book. My partner and I have been making recipes from your site/youtube and everything has always come out great. She is Trini and this is not the type of food I grew up cooking so having a reliable resource has been terrific. Happy wife, happy life.

  13. Maggie Patience says:

    I have been making pepper sauce for years. All kinds, from mild to extra hot, from a sauce to chunky. Lately I have been using scotch bonnet of one color only – only red or only yellow. You will be surprised at how each one has a unique taste and flavor.

  14. Olivia says:

    I’ve been searching for an interesting hot sauce recipe to use my somewhat overwhelming crop of scotch bonnets this year. This sounds ideal! I’ll let you know how it turns out, Chris! Keep up the good work!

  15. Joe says:

    Can”t wait to try, Have ghost pepppers that are too hot to cook with.


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