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Cheese Paste Sandwich Spread.

If you’re from the Caribbean and you’ve never had a cheese paste sandwich for lunch, your mommy didn’t love you. I’m just joking, but just about everyone I speak with about having cheese paste sandwiches, they can all relate.. no matter which island they’re from. Back in the day I recall people also adding a drop or two of food coloring to this wonderful cheesy spread to enhance the look of the finished sandwich. Green, pink, yellow and in some cases, blue.. do you remember?

Cheese paste is just a spiced up cheese spread that’s ideal on sliced bread and crackers.


You’ll Need…

3 cups grated cheese (old cheddar)
2 tablespoons grated carrots
1 tablespoon mayo
1 tablespoon butter (soft)
pinch black pepper
1/2 small onion grated
1 tablespoon prepared mustard.
dash peppersauce (hot sauce)

Notes:  If it’s not getting smooth, add a tablespoon or 2 of milk as you whisk. To make the cheese easier to grate, place it in the freezer for about 10 minutes before grating to firm up a bit. You can certainly use a mixture of different cheeses if you like. I used what we had in the fridge. You can also add additional flavor by adding in some finely diced pimento peppers (aka seasoning pepper) to the mix.

Grate the cheese as fine as you can so the overall texture will be very creamy. Then place all the ingredients in a large bowl and give it a good mix as to incorporate all the flavors and give the cheese paste a lovely creamy finish.

This has got to be one of the simplest recipes I’ve shared to date and quite honestly.. one of my faves! There will be enough here for about 6-8 sandwiches (depending on how thick you spread it on) and if you don’t use it all the first time, it can store in the fridge for a couple days. Be sure it’s covered with plastic wrap or in an airtight container.

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