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A Typical Trinbagonian Pholourie Recipe.

trini pholourie recipeIt’s funny how things always seem to get in the way to prevent you from doing things you plan. A few days back when I posted the recipe for  mango chutney, I had planned on making a batch of pholourie to accompany the chutney. Afterall they’re like peas in a pod… they go together. Looking back I can’t recall what my excuse is/was for not doing as I planned, but all is not lost as I have the pholouire recipe ready for you below.

A quick call to my mom and I had a recipe waiting to be explored. However she mentioned that there are several versions of this recipe and it’s all about personal taste. Personally she uses yeast in her’s and very little ground split peas, but I didn’t. I was also told that some people usually put a dash of curry powder in the dough. Again I didn’t, but my final product could easily rival any that you’ve ever tasted before. Trust meh!

You’ll need…

1 cup ground split peas
1 teaspoon crushed garlic (about 2 cloves)
1 teaspoon turmeric
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 cup all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 hot pepper (crushed) – optional but it does add a nice kick to things.
1 1/3 cups water
oil for deep frying

This is so simply you’ll be left asking yourself why did it ever take me so long to make this.

I started off by placing the 2 cloves of garlic, salt and the piece of hot pepper (I used habanero) into my mortar and using the pestle I created a smooth paste. You’ll notice I placed the salt in this, rather than directly into the batter. the roughness of the salt works great to help crush the pepper and garlic into the required paste.


trinidad pholourie

Let’s now prepare the batter. In a large bowl place the dry ingredients (flour, baking powder, split peas powder and turmeric) and whisk together. I like doing this so I can incorporate everything before we add the water. After whisking, I then add the crushed garlic/salt/pepper mixture and water. Mix thoroughly to form a lump-free batter and allow to sit for about 30 minutes (feel free to use immediately if you’re in a rush).

trini fry pholourie

pholourie trini

pholourie mixture

In a fairly deep frying pan put enough oil to deep fry (about 4 cups or more)  and heat on med to high. TIP! While the oil heats get a basket or bowl and line with a couple paper towels to place the cooked pholourie to absorb the excess oil from frying. Also get a long handle tongs to help avoid getting burned from any splatter.

When the oil is hot, using 2 table spoons scoop a tablespoon of batter and place into the hot oil. Use the second spoon to scrape the batter off the original spoon. Don’t worry if the first batch turns out a bit deformed in shape, you’ll quickly get the hang of it. You’ll notice that it will easily double in size as it cooks. Using a fork, flip them over so each side gets to cook evenly. You’re looking for a golden brown colour and the pholourie will start floating as an indication that the center is fully cooked. Remove from the oil and place on the paper towels.

pholourie chutney

how to make pholourie

pholourie and chutney recipe

guyana pholourie

fried pholourie

pholourie recipe

Don’t forget to get the mango chutney recipe I posted a few days back to compliment this tasty snack and do let me know if you encountered any snags or have any questions by leaving me a comment in the area provided below. BTW, if you’d like to make this a bit lighter (less dense) and would like to explore the recipe with yeast, let me know and I’ll share that recipe with you.

One final comment… this batter makes about 20-25 pholouire depending how big you make them. Happy cooking!

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55 Responses to “A Typical Trinbagonian Pholourie Recipe.”

  1. French says:

    Thanks Chris. Now I know..

  2. Rebecca says:

    Do you have to cook the split pea before making the splite pea flour? Or do you grind it raw?

  3. Pat says:

    Greaaaaat appetizer

  4. Gloria says:

    the easy way to handle the batter is to have a container of ice cold water handy, first dip your spoon in the cold water, then scoop the batter up and turn spoon out into the oil. It faster and so smooth.

  5. Heather says:

    Hello Chris and everyone enjoying the recipes. Does anyone know where I can get some Trinidad salt butter.

  6. Paula Hogan says:

    Chris, Where do I purchase split pea powder?


  7. tesh says:

    looks great!!!!!! have to try this one with some tamarind dip

  8. Anne says:

    I made the mango chutney, although I used a green mango it was sweet, but I enjoyed it anyway, will try the pholouri next, I do so enjoy your recipes Chris, and am looking forward to my cookbook. all the best Anne

  9. U. Bristow says:

    The best pholourie I ever tasted was back in 1968/1970 when I was in Primary school. The little old lady selling near the school made her pholourie with crushed, boiled split peas and a little white flour (not with split peas powder). This added extra flavor and texture. It was great! I haven’t tasted anything as good since then. Give it a try.

  10. Webbs Lebrun says:

    Hi Chris, I tried that recipe yours other day and man that was good. Keep it coming.

  11. Hylton Fernandes says:

    I love Pholourie but never knew how it was made, now I will try and replicate your recipe. Thanks Chris! keep um coming lol.

  12. Amanda says:

    Delicious. I also grind shadow beni and pimentoes with this and it’s great. I love pepper, so spicier the better for me!

  13. Charlie B. says:

    This is one of my longtime favourite snacks, im simply a flour junkie, anyting flour, that is me self. So i tried this recipe, needless to say i didnt have all the ingredients, but like the ole people does say, when you dont have mammy you have granny. All i used was flour, baking powder a lil salt, a lil saffran and guess what some cumin an boy you wont believe how good that ting come out. I find it was a lil greasy tho, maybebecause i used whole wheat flour instead of white…Chris what you think bout that?
    Happy cookin!!!

  14. Bev says:

    Hi Chris, another great recipe. I made this for my staff today and it was the Bomb!!!


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  2. […] the ones that got me all pleasantly plump last year–roti, doubles, bake and shark, corn soup, pholourie–the more fried and carby and tongue-burning spicy, the better), try to drink more rum and […]

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