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Stewed Saltfish With Okra And Cabbage.

Another version of this CLASSIC Caribbean dish – Stewed saltfish! In this adaptation we’ll add chopped cabbage and a few ochroes (Okra) for additional body and flavor, as my grandma would. As a lil fella growing up on the islands, I had no luv for salted Cod (fish) and to be honest I’m sure my siblings and I gave mom hell whenever she would cook with it. However as I grew older I found that I truly appreciate how it can stand on it’s own and/or how much flavor it can add to dishes.

You’ll Need…

1/2 lb Salted Cod (prepared)
4 tablespoon olive oil
4 cloves garlic (smashed)
1 medium onion (sliced)
4-5 sprigs thyme
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
4 bird’s eye pepper (optional)
2 tomatoes (diced)
8-10 small okra (trimmed)
1/2 small cabbage (rough chop)
2 scallions (chopped)

  • salt (see note below)

I purchased boned (bones removed) Salted Cod, but as I prepared it, I did pay attention for any bones which may still be present (remove).

I’d recommend preparing all of the ingredients first. In the case of the Salted Cod (any salted fish you decide to use), you can watch this video How To Prepare Salted Cod For Use. Basically you need to rehydrate it and during the process, remove most of the salt it was cured with.

With the okra, I trimmed off the stems and sliced the larger ones down the middle. Heat a wide saucepan on a medium heat, then add the oil, onion, garlic, black pepper, thyme and hot pepper (should you decide to use any – any hot pepper you like or have on hand will work). As you get a sizzle going, turn the heat down to low.

After about 4 minutes on that low heat, add the prepared Salted Cod to the mix and stir well. Cook for another 3-5 minutes.

Turn the heat to medium (so it comes up to a boil) now and add the tomato, cabbage and okra to the pot. Stir well to combine and coat everything with that delicious flavored oil we created. Cover the pot if you have a lid large enough and allow it to cook on a medium/low flame.

SALT! I did not add any salt to this dish as the remining salt in the salted Cod was enough for my liking, but I’d recommend tasting near the end and adjust accordingly.

Basically at this point all you need to do is cook the okra to your liking and you’re done. I gave it 6-7 minutes after adding the cabbage and okra. Top it with the scallions and turn off the heat. The residual heat will heat up the scallion and give it a lovely finishing note. This day I had this stewed saltfish with boiled eddoes and dasheen… my idea of comfort food.

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