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Spreading The Culinary Culture Of The Caribbean – COCO Magazine.

It’s been an amazing journey with COCO magazine this past year and as they celebrate their one year anniversary I thought there’s no better time to place the spotlight on the amazing things being done over at COCO.

Over the years I’ve tried my best to feature websites, publications and authors who are helping to spread the culinary culture of the Caribbean to a global audience. And though they have an entire section dedicated to “Eats”, where you can find many delicious offerings courtesy of and many other talented chefs, it’s important to note that COCO is much more than food.

Get To Know COCO…

COCO is a weekly online publication that launched on December 14, 2012, catering to the quintessential Caribbean Woman. Although we’ve only been around for a year, we have made significant strides in keeping with the mandate of our Magazine. It is our goal to unearth persons who have a firsthand knowledge of the Caribbean and who we think can help to contribute to building the knowledge base of our readers. Our team is comprised of persons living in the Caribbean as well as the UK, the USA and other parts of the world. Our mission is and always has been to embody the beauty and spirit of our readers by giving them a place where they can read, write and learn about themselves.

COCO’s take on the culinary culture of the Caribbean…

Food is an extremely important part of our Caribbean identity. It represents our the diverse aspects of our unique cultures, fusing together to create one flavorful dish that is the sum of our respective islands. Food nourishes us. It sustains us. It shows us that despite our differences, at our very core, we are one Caribbean People. COCO finds it extremely important to place an emphasis on the different foods that are inherent to our islands, our people and our culture. Chris De La Rosa (and Caribbean embodies this. Sharing our love for food translates to the preservation of our culture as one Caribbean People. We at COCO Magazine use food to connect with the Diaspora in hopes of passing on our culture, our vibes and our history.


I invite you to head over to COCO Magazine, check out their Facebook Fan Page, connect with them on Twitter and if you do the Pinterest thing, you can certainly check out their pins. Please support their efforts and don’t forget to say happy birthday!



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