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Game day tomato and saltfish?

tomato and saltfish recipeIt’s tradition whenever the “Soca Warriors” play a game I try to cook up a batch of pelau. Nothing beats watching your favourite football (soccer) team and enjoying one of your favourite dishes. Today the “Warriors” are scheduled to play a very crucial game against the US, so normally by now I’d have seasoned chicken marinating to cook up as game time approaches. But today is a bit different. Lately I’ve been having a craving for ground provisions so I went out and purchased some eddoes. I was about to make some stewed beef to go with the eddoes, but since time is against me I’ve settled for tomato and saltfish. After all it’s fairly quick and easy to prepare and it doesn’t require having to thaw out frozen meat from the freezer.

So I’ve gone ahead and made up a batch of saltfish with tomatoes (which I will reheat later) and about 30 minutes before the game starts I’ll put the eddoes to boil. If you’re not familiar with eddoes, do a keyword search in search box (top right) above.

You’ll need…

4-6 oz of salted fish
1 large tomato sliced
1 scallion sliced
1 medium onion sliced
1-2 cloves garlic sliced thin
2-3 chili peppers (optional) or use whatever hot pepper you have or like
fresh ground black pepper
couple sprigs thyme (optional)
1 teaspoon ketchup
3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

Start by placing the saltfish in a fairly deep bowl, then pour enough boiling water to completely cover it. Allow this to soak from about 25 minutes, then rinse and squeeze out any extra water (remember to make sure the water is cool so you don’t get burn). Then shred the saltfish as we did when we made the saltfish buljol recipe.

saltifsh recipe

how to cook saltfish

cooking tomato and saltfish

The next step is to slice the onion, galric, tomato and scallion. Then in a saucepan heat the oil and toss in the pieces of saltfish. Allow this to cook for about 1-2 minutes so the oil is flavoured with the salted fish. Then add the garlic, pepper and onion and allow this to cook for another couple minutes before adding the rest of the ingredients.

trinidad tomato and saltfish

fry saltfish

how to make tomato and saltfish

trini tomato and saltfish

Be sure to add a dash of fresh ground black pepper and stir everything around. Allow this to cook for another couple minutes, then it’s ready for serving. If you wish, at the end you can toss is a teaspoon of Goldenray butter, but you have to be careful that the dish doesn’t go salty. Remember the fish was cured in salt, so it can easily have too much salt by adding the Goldenray butter.

tomato and saltfish

tomato and saltfish recipe

Since I added whole chili peppers and not sliced scotch bonnet or habanero, near the end I use my spoon to crush the pepper in the pot so it releases some of it’s heat into the dish. But as mentioned, the pepper is totally optional.

Not only is this great with ground provisions like eddoes, yam, cassava, green bananas and dasheen, it’s also excellent with roti or fry bake. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong using it for sandwiches as well (just use less oil).

Let’s just hope I can get a link online to watch the game tonight.

Happy Cooking and don’t forget to leave me your questions or comments below.

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30 Responses to “Game day tomato and saltfish?”

  1. Another mouth watering recipe you make everthing look so simple and delicious; thank you Chris,

  2. Barbara Schoenberger says:


  3. Pat says:

    Your recipes brings back memories of my grandmothers cooking.
    Great dishes.

  4. lenore Jackson says:


  5. Magan says:


    This is an absolutely amazing recipe. For those of you unable to find saltfish, if you take a normal white fish (in this case I used Tilapia) and boil it in extremely salted water, it can mimic the taste of salt fish. Obviously not ideal but a relatively good stand in!

    Happy cooking everyone!

  6. sherry says:

    I have tried so many of yr dishes an enjoyed everyone, being a Trini myself I love cooking .
    Thanks for the e mails.

    Keep cooking

  7. Hylton Fernandes says:

    Chris, Here is my favourite Salt Fish recipe that my mother made for us in Guyana and I still make in today! It’s a Portuguese recipe that my Grandmother brought to Guyana from Madeira, when she came as an indentured labourer with her mother.

    Ingredients: Salt fish,2 Medium Onions, 6 Eggs, 6 Cloves Garlic,1 Cucumber Sliced thinly, 1 Lemon,5 Tablespoons Olive Oil.

    Soak 2 pieces Salt Fish over night, discard and add new water and boil, add eggs, one onion and boil for 20 minutes. Drain contents, take apart Salt Fish, shell eggs and slice, sliced boiled onion, sliced raw onion, Add crushed garlic, Olive Oil, cucumber, and squeeze the lemon juice over the prepared dish. Stir slightly and serve with fresh bread.I would welcome comments!

  8. Dene says:

    I’ve done a similar dish, adding mushrooms, and eating it with some good Bajan bakes.

  9. Row says:

    Chris, once again an awesome recipe. My mod on this recipe is to add some boiled potato and let it fry down into a nice stuffing for a fried alloo pie. Once the "pie" has finished frying, let it cool for a few minutes then, slice open and add avocado or some kutchela. It also makes a great brunch dish if sliced open and adding hard boiled (or poached) eggs and guacamole (or fresh avocado) to round out the flavours.

  10. flyjawn says:

    it's 10:50 at night and i'm now obsessing over this recipe and how early tomorrow morning i'll be able to find an open store selling salt fish!


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