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Coconut Curry Pumpkin Soup.

As we move closer to the holiday season I’ve decided to share some tasty Caribbean inspired appetizer recipes with you all. So for the entire month of November you’ll see your taste buds challenged with some twists on traditional Caribbean dishes. But done in such a way that you can easily serve them during your holiday gatherings. We’ll start off with 3 ingredients I simply adore.. pumpkin, coconut and curry. The end result is a wicked coconut curry pumpkin soup which can be served in small bowls or shooter glasses, so you can pass them around to your guests.


You’ll Need…

2 tablespoon coconut oil
1 cup chopped onions
1 minced garlic clove
3 cups vegetable broth
1 tablespoon curry powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp ground coriander
4 cups diced pumpkin
1 Cup coconut milk
1/4 scotch bonnet pepper
1/2 cup diced celery
1/2 teaspoon grated ginger

* chives for garnishing

Notes: I used the leafy part of the celery to garnish. The coconut oil was used to maintain that wonderful coconut undertone, but you can certainly use vegetable oil as well. Additionally, to keep this fully vegetarian I used vegetable stock, but you can certainly use chicken stock for an additional level of flavor.

Start  off by prepping all the ingredients. Peel, wash and cube the pumpkin into 3/4 inch pieces. Dice the onion, garlic and celery and chop the scotch bonnet pepper very finely. Remember to wear gloves and wash you hands with soap immediately after handling such hot peppers. Don’t include any of the pepper seeds or white membrane surrounding the seeds as that’s where the true fire is.

Heat the coconut oil in a deep pan on medium heat then add all the fragrance building ingredients (celery, garlic and onion). Allow that to sweat down for 3-4 minutes on low heat. Then add the curry powder and ground coriander. With your heat still on low, stir so the curry gets an opportunity to toast and start coating the bottom of the pot. Grate in the ginger and allow this to cook on low for 4 minutes.

Now that we have a wicked flavor base it’s time to add the diced pumpkin and give it a good stir.

It’s now time to add all the other ingredients (salt, veg broth and coconut milk) and bring to a boil. Then reduce to a gentle simmer and allow to cook until the pumpkin pieces becomes tender and starts to fall apart (about 25 minutes).

The ideal way to serve this pumpkin soup is to have it smooth, so out came my hand blender and with about 1 minutes of working it, I had a silky soup. Try not to overwork it or you’ll end up with a frothy mess. Do remember to taste for salt and adjust accordingly.

As your guests arrive you can pour some of this coconut curry pumpkin soup in little serving bowls or in shooter glasses and serve. This soup is packed with true Caribbean flavor and I assure you that though it’s fully vegetarian, your guests will be craving every drop.

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14 Responses to “Coconut Curry Pumpkin Soup.”

  1. Zakiyyah says:

    I made this last night and its so good. I tweaked it a little. Like I skipped the coconut milk and I didn’t puree. But I added corn, green beans, and chicken. So good! I’m even having it for breakfast. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Maggie says:

    Wicked!!! Took a pot to work and had to make another one the next day!

  3. bj says:

    excellent kept tasting and hardley had enough for the meal. will definitely make again.

  4. Benita says:

    Your video and recipe are fantastic. Thanks so much for showing us some of your secrets in the kitchen. Loved the way you explained how to build on layers of flavour. You’re also funny, which makes the whole process even more enjoyable. Thumbs up, brotha!

  5. Sandy says:

    It's really kind of you to share your recipes " they're invaluable info " instead of writing a cook book or Ebook of your recipes to make an extra dollar on them, you've openly shared them. " May God Bless and Protect you ! " Well done brother.

  6. mag says:

    We just came back from Barbados and I cannot stop reading your recipes, as I want the taste to last longer.
    Yesterday I made your brown chicken coverage > it was the best chicken ever!
    time for soup (my boyfriend caught a cold on the way back – from Barbados > from +35 to – 5 in Warsaw)
    I think soup will keep him alive!

  7. Anne Marie Ali says:

    Fantastic! Will definitely try this. I usually make pumpkin soup minus the curry and coconut, but this sounds really great and cannot wait to try it.

  8. Joyce says:

    I try this last weekend and it is fingers licking good.

  9. Birger says:

    One of my favorites!

  10. Sharlene says:

    This looks like something I will make for Thanksgiving 2012, I am sure it's gonna be yummy

  11. Karen JM says:

    Looks great, want to make this. Where did you find those wonderful bowls?

  12. kacy williams says:

    this looks amazing im definetely isnmaking this

  13. This is a wicked pumpkin like it man,good cooking.


  1. […] who tells me I’m starving him and make him “Tiff-sized” plates, gobbled down this coconut curry pumpkin soup and asked if there was more. The fact that it was vegetarian sent him over the top. He told me it […]

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