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A Tasty Caribbean Recipe Using Green Bananas.

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  1. Donna Taylor says:

    Merry Christmas Chris
    Have a Blessed Christmas
    And a Happy New Year!
    Thanks you for all your recipe in 2015

  2. Adanna Moore says:

    I will be trying this. My mother in law gifted me with some green bananas and I can’t wait to cook them. May also do some dumpling.

  3. janet may says:

    Look delicious and easy enuff for even me to make :)

  4. Tried this with Thai Chili Tuna . It was delicious.

  5. Grace Pryce says:

    p.s. to my earlier comment – I will definitely try this recipe.

  6. Grace Pryce says:

    Final step says toss in bananas and heat through -35 min. Should this be 3-5 min or 35 min? Thanks

  7. Andrew T says:

    I’m confused about your “cooking bananas”. I have never heard of them before. Do you mean plantains? What you have pictures look like regular unripe bananas. Google isn’t providing any satisfactory answers for me. Please post a link to information on cooking bananas if this is a distinct species of banana separate from regular bananas and plaintains.

    You also mention green figs. According to, a green fig is simply the term Trinis use to describe a regular unripe banana. So are talking about the same thing?

    Looking forward to your reply.

    • admin says:

      Andrew – (not sure where you’re located, but you can find cooking bananas in most Canadian grocery stores) cooking bananas are indeed unripe (regular) bananas.. but they are not as mature (mature bananas ripe faster). If you cannot source cooking bananas, green bananas will work. Yes, “fig” is what we call bananas in all of the Southern Caribbean. Did this answer your concern?

  8. Salmon says:

    What size can salmon did you use for the salmon and green cooking bananas recpies?
    I cant quite tell …

  9. DeeBee says:

    I tried this today (with corned beef – judge not) and it was delicious.
    Just to add – When boiling the bananas with the skin still ON, they may have to be boiled for longer than 20 minutes. I cooked for a little more than 20 minutes and they were still quite hard when peeled. They turned out a lot better when I peeled them (easy-to-peel by then) and put them in boiling water for about 8 more minutes.

    Will be trying again if I happen across some green bananas.

  10. DeeBee says:

    I will definitely be trying this as I bought three green bananas by accident and don’t want to keep them too long. No fish, so I may have to buy some or get creative. Thanks, much love!

  11. Velma says:

    Hi Chris. Great recipe. Since I’m hypertensive I would prob have to pan sear fresh salmon and boil some trini dumplings with the fig. Luv my dumplings

  12. karasi says:

    Thanks for sharing.

    For the vegetarians, Tofu is also an excellent replacement for the fish

  13. DinDin says:

    Awesome! Did it with salted fish, left out the ketchup. My Dad said I had a good hand, cannot believe. Thanks for the great recipe. Now on to review the Ham Bone soup!

  14. Mary says:

    Heading to SVG for Xmas and was looking for food my US kid and UK husband might eat.
    Thanks for sharing.

  15. Eileen says:

    I have not tried the recipe as yet but sure to do so.Just had to comment as I was impressed by your simple step by step instruction,explination and pictures.


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