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Otterbox Agility System For iPad And iPad Mini Review.


One of my favorite tools in the kitchen is not a pot, pan, knife or electric appliance.. though they all make life easier, especially when you blog about food and do recipe videos for a living. My new best friend in the kitchen is the Otterbox Agility System for my iPad mini, as it allows me to not only protect my iPad, but gives me the ability to go hands-free with my favorite recipes, videos and websites. I have three daughters who are all under the Apple spell, so over the years we gone through MANY iPhones… with than experience I know how important it was to protect my iPad after I became the proud owner of one.

In the following video you’ll hear me mention the following:

* OtterBox Agility Shell

* OtterBox Agility Portfolio

* OtterBox Agility Wall Mount

* OtterBox Agility Dock

* OtterBox Agility Power Dock

You can get everything I mentioned above, along with protective cases for your iPad, iPhones and other digital devices at the Otterbox website @



I’m sure your iPad mini was an investment on your part so I encourage you to protect that investment with the Otterbox Agility System.

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Otterbox Agility System For iPad And iPad Mini.
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