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Jackfruit Smoothie.

jackfruit smoothie (5)

As we continue with this week of smoothies, it’s time to use a very common but ignored Caribbean (tropical) fruit, Jackfruit. A sweet (like refined sugar) tasting fruit, with a sort of custard-like texture, but the scent can be a bit overpowering when it’s fully ripe. We had just driven through Fern Gully, Jamaica and had stopped for ‘refreshments’ at a road-side bar, when I gazed on a Jackfruit tree on the side of the building laden with some of the largest fruits I’ve ever seen. It’s funny how whenever I think about Jackfuit, it takes me back to that Jamaican trip and the roadside bar where I enjoyed some of the most refreshing Guinness I’ve ever had.

You’ll Need…

2 cups frozen jack fruit
8 ice cubes
2-3 cups yogurt
1 tablespoon honey

jackfruit smoothie (1)


Though I can get fresh/ripe Jackfruit here in Ontario at the many Asian grocery stores, it’s somewhat expensive. Besides it being cheaper, I find that the frozen Jackfruit they also stock is already prepared and it works great in smoothies and drinks.

Basically all you have to do is place all the ingredients listed above in a blender and make into your smoothie.

jackfruit smoothie (2)

jackfruit smoothie (3)

jackfruit smoothie (4)

Yes, you can use a fruit flavored yogurt if you like, but keep in mind that it will change the overall flavor of the completed smoothie. Additionally, due to the sort of creamy nature of this smoothie, a couple drops of vanilla or almond extract will work great as well.

I may have mentioned this before, but the drive through Fern-gully is a MUST when you visit Jamaica. There’s a sort of mystical aura to the area.. as if you’re in a fairy tail.

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  1. Tracy
    August 23, 2016 / 7:20 pm

    I happened to catch an everybody wan the breadfruit song on youtube

  2. Lindsay
    August 17, 2016 / 9:16 pm

    I definently want to try this! I love tropical fruits of all kinds, but have only recently heard about Jackfruit and heard that it was the inspiration behind Juicy Fruit gum. Believe it or not, I also heard that you can make a sandwich out of it that tastes EXACTLY like a barbequed pulled pork sandwich! I saw it on a site where a guy’s doctor told him he needed to cut down on meat, so he was looking around for other options and had heard that you could cook jackfruit in a way to make it taste very, very similar to pulled pork. He got the jackfruit, prepared it, covered it in barbecue sauce, and was astonished at how much it tasted like pork. He said it tasted so much like the real thing that it would be easy to fool just about anyone, and there were pictures that showed it even LOOKED like pulled pork! At any rate, I am definently going to look around at different stores for some Jackfruit! It sounds super yummy and there’s so many different ways to eat it. And best of all, it’s packed with antioxidants and is known to be a cancer killer! I don’t know how this superfruit flew under my radar for so long!

    • admin
      August 18, 2016 / 7:46 am

      Very true about the pulled pork.. but you need the green (not ripe) ones. Most people are turned away from it due to the scent when ripe. In some countries it’s known locally as “stinky fruit”

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