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Bodi (Yard Beans, Bora or Green Beans) With Shrimp.

We always had Bodi (aka Bora, Yard Beans or Snake Beans) growing in our little kitchen garden at the back of the house when I was growing up on the islands. Over the years I’ve not only come to enjoy this bean (wasn’t a fan as a child), but I’ve found different ways to prepare them (courtesy of my other Caribbean cousins). Should you have problems sourcing Bodi, green or French beans will work as well.

You’ll Need…

2 lbs Bodi (prepared)
1 cup dried shrimp
1 medium onion (sliced)
2 tablespoon olive oil
3 cloves garlic (diced)
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
1/4 cup water
1/4 scotch bonnet pepper (sliced)
1 pimento pepper (sliced)
1/3 teaspoon salt
5-10 grape tomatoes (any tomato will work) – cut in half

Important! If doing this recipe gluten free, please go through the full list of ingredients to make sure they meet with your specific gluten free dietary needs.

To prep the Bodi, remove the stem and bottom tips (discard), then cut into even length pieces (about 4-5 cm).

I washed the prepped Bodi and had it in water to remain fresh as I worked on the other ingredients.

Heat the oil in a pot that has a lid on a medium flame, add the garlic and toss in the dried shrimp and black pepper.. then lower the heat to as low as it will go and cook gently so we don’t burn the garlic.

Cook for about three minutes, then add the Bodi (drain if it’s been soaking in water), turn up the heat to medium and stir well to coat the pieces of Bodi with that lovely garlic, shrimp perfumed olive oil.

Now go in with the water, Scotch Bonnet Pepper, salt and Pimento Pepper. Stir well and bring to a simmer. As soon a you get a simmer going, turn the heat to low and place the lid on the pot.

Twenty-five minutes later, taste it for salt (adjust), toss in the tomato (I had grape tomatoes at my disposal, but any tomato will work).

Turn the stove off, put the lid on and let the residual heat finish cooking the tomato. Serve warm with hot Sada Roti or steamed rice.

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  1. October 14, 2021 / 10:32 pm

    Chris, no Bodi here at our local supermarket in the US< but I think I can figure out a substitute.

    Beautiful looking recipe!

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