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Orange Pineapple Pepper Sauce.

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22 Responses to “Orange Pineapple Pepper Sauce.”

  1. pam says:

    so tasty! love it

  2. Wayne E Hibler says:

    I will try this recipe. Also going to make a strawberry habanero sauce for drizzling onto deep fried twinkies.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. tony austin says:

    my god that looks deadly!! i think i will send the recipe to my son, he loves it hot. thank you chris

  4. Lez says:

    Hi Chris,
    I am very eager to try this recipe, but what is “all spice” in your recipe. Is there a substitute for it? Please help.

  5. Hi, This the second time I am making Orange Pineapple sauce.My last a attempt went so well that my mates at work were hankering for it.This time around I am making some more to send off to Poland to my loving mother-in-law.
    As you say BOY THAT TASTE SWEET/////
    From the Lucian boy.

  6. AnAllison says:

    Hi Chris,
    I enjoy getting your recipes and occasionally change up my recipes using some of your tips. For the last couple of years, I have been growing peppers, papayas aka pawpaws, pineapples, limes and lemons in my backyard here in Florida. With everything bearing fruitfully, I started making up my own pepper sauce recipes. I use lots of scotch bonnets, lime juice with limes from my tree, green papaya grated, green pineapple grated (just turning), green mango grated (store bought – I’m not that fortunate it have a mango tree grow in Central Florida) and LOTS of fresh cilantro (the real mc Coy – the flat serrated blade cilantro that is our shadobene), lots of fresh garlic & onions chopped fine, and some salt. I’ve never cooked my sauce but it keeps well in the fridge for months upon months! I usually give a lot of it away to Trini friends who keep clamoring for more!! Today I made two batches – one with my recipe above and the other using yours with the orange juice and canned pineapple! The taste test is on! But both probably taste equally good – one sweeter than the other! Oh – for patented reasons :) I did add a whole bunch of chopped cilantro to yours!


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