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Orange Pineapple Pepper Sauce.

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22 Responses to “Orange Pineapple Pepper Sauce.”

  1. John kent says:

    This is a great sauce,it goes together in no time and is amazing ,a sweet pre taste with nice pepper bite

  2. Paul Helfer says:

    Chris decided to grow Ghost pepper this year one plant and I ended up with at least 80 peppers. Made your recipe with five peppers it was quite hot but excellent flavor . Next I'll try with only 3 or 4 peppers.
    I will also have to find a jelly recipe.
    Thank you for this great recipe.

  3. Paul Helfer says:

    Chris decided to grow Ghost pepper this year one plant and I ended up with at least 80 peppers.
    I searched and found your recipe . I made it and only used 5 peppers in the batch. Turned out quite
    hot but very flavorful , now I'll have to make some for Christmas presents.
    Thank you for the great recipe
    ps must make pepper jelly also .

  4. BPayne says:

    Do you have to cook this sauce. I made it last night but forgot the step about cooking it on the stove. Taste good to me. Help

  5. JOY says:

    Hi! a Trini friend just sent me yoru site…for the record bicarbonate of soda works like magic for mouths burning with pepper…it's a chemical reaction that goes on that I can't explain scientifically but it works! I've had a mouth on fire and used it to cool things down…works instantly….I'm going to sign on get your recipes! JOY

  6. Andrew says:

    it's a great sauce.. I just have to dip a spoon in it then stir any other sauce (such as a bbq sauce) and it adds tons of heat.. on it's own it's got to be about one pepper away from combustion!!.. lol I can use the rest to strip the paint off some car parts.. great recipe and very workable to anyones taste.. Thanks!!

  7. Tamara says:

    i'm definitely gonna try this

  8. tyla says:

    Where do u get those beautiful scotch bonnets?

  9. raul says:

    just made some used habanero pepper but i will have to cool this down my American friends who i generaly share with will swear i am trying to kill them, this is the devil for sure,real fire

  10. Mmmm…another sauce to add to my pepper sauce collection. You've got to have the right one for each occasion!

  11. Lambspread says:

    Thanks man for the new pepper sauce recipe.I cannot eat without some pepper on my

  12. Jay says:

    That looks great!

  13. Candis says:

    My mama (or Ma) LOL is making BBQ on Sunday – I am making this – I will surely report back – I am not a cooking expert – but I think I can handle this :-)

  14. Theresa Joseph says:

    Thanks for the tip of orange juice and pineapple chunks as always simply the best.

  15. Zamina says:

    Chris, I just watching those peppers and my eyes burning already lol. Don't talk about my mouth running water for it. I just love pepper on the whole. I'll give it a try. Thanks……Zamina


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