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Curry eggplant with potato (curry baigan and aloo).

eggplant curryHere’s another one of the dishes my mom would prepare when we were kids which we refused to eat. Her way of getting us to eat it was to cook it without the curry and add leftover stew chicken, pork or beef near the end of the cooking process. Today when she visits I get her to make it several ways.. curry, without curry and I still love adding leftover stewed meats. My dad, the saltfish king that he is only likes this if there’s pieces of salted cod added near the end. According to him, this is the ONLY way this dish should be made.

This version is completely vegetarian, but feel free to add any leftover stewed (Caribbean style) meats you may have in your fridge. Also remember that if you’re looking for a truly unique twist to this, do as my dad would recommend and add some strips of dry salted fish. All you’ll have to do is soak the dried saltfish in hot water, then drain/rinse,  shred and add to the pot about 5 minutes at the end of cooking.

You’ll need…
1 eggplant (baigan) about 1-2 lbs –  peeled and cubed
1 small onion diced
2 cloves crushed
3 tablespoons water
3 small potatoes cubed
1 tablespoon madras curry powder
1 1/2 tablespoon oil
1/4 teaspoon green seasoning (optional)
1/4 teaspoon salt
dash black pepper
1/4 hot pepper (habanero, scotch bonnet or chilli)

* I”ve also seen people prepare this dish without peeling the eggplant. Personally I find that the skin causes the finished dish to be over-powered with the flavour of the eggplant.

Start off by peeling and dicing the eggplant and potato into cubes (set aside in a bowl). Then peel and slice the onion, pepper and crush the garlic.

baigan and alloo

curry baigan

curry potato with eggplant recipe

eggplant recipe

Pour the oil in a fairly deep saucepan and heat on medium to high heat. When the oil is hot add the curry powder and stir for about 3 minutes, then add the onion, garlic and hot pepper. Allow this to cook for another couple minutes, then add about 3 tablespoons of water and using a spoon try to scrape the pot so the bit of cooked curry will release from the bottom of the pan. When this dries back down (see image below) start adding the cubed eggplant, potato, salt and black pepper (add the green seasoning mix at this point as well – optional). Then reduce to the lowest setting on your stove with the pot covered. Stir occasionally and keep an eye on things. It will release some natural juices which should be enough for it to cook without burning, but if you notice that it starts to stick to the bottom of the pan, it means that your heat may still be a bit too high… add a few tablespoons of water and place the pot on a smaller burner where the heat will be lower.

Allow this to cook for about 25 minutes or until the potato is fully cooked and the eggplant starts to dissolve and marry with the potato. Though not the prettiest looking dish, it’s packed with flavour and quite tasty when paired with roti, fry bake or any type of flat bread you may have.

curry baigan and alloo

curry eggplant

curry eggplant recipe

baigan with potato curry

eggplant with potato recipe

potato with eggplant curry

eggplant curry

curry potato eggplant

trini baigan and alloo

I believe the word “baigan” is Indian in origin and it made it’s way to the Caribbean with the indentured workers that came to the Caribbean in the 1800’s. Do leave me your comments below.

Happy Cooking!

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18 Responses to “Curry eggplant with potato (curry baigan and aloo).”

  1. chris says:

    If you can get tannia you will bite your finger. The tannia is sweeter and not as dry as eddoes and aloo.

  2. I love this dish especially if you add chicken or pig tails to it.

  3. Rosalind Conliffe says:

    Can we please get some desserts and cocktails/drinks?

  4. gabriela Ionescu says:

    Hi, I prepare such dish in summer.I peel the eggplant in stripes.and as spices I use pepper,corriander,parsley.It is very tasty.I shall

    try your recipe,too.Thank you very much.

  5. devina says:

    Hi all,
    This dish will also taste well if you add a bit of achaar masala to the curry and about two tomatoes to the baigan and alloo.

  6. devi says:


    If you add a bit of achaar masala (the black one) to the curry, and about two tomatoes to the recipe, you will bite your fingers, especially if the sada roti is a bit crisp or burnt a bit.

  7. Trinigirl says:

    Do you have a recipe for curry chicken breast with chana??

    I really need it spelled out for me I’m afraid to over cook the chicken breast

  8. Dougla trini says:

    I am a trini.So glad I found this site. LUV it!!!!

  9. Claudette says:

    Thanks for the vegeterian dishes, not particularly a fan of eggplant but it sure looks tempting, certainly will try soon.

  10. Samantha says:

    OMG it was goooood but I put cumin on top of it. And it was one of the easiest meals I've ever made…. thank you Chris ;0)

  11. Vanita says:

    Chris, I have to agree with your dad, salt fish or nothing in baigan curry. I also used eddoes instead of potato, its awesome with the salt fish. I usually fry the fish first then add it to the baigan curry. You can also use shrimp for a different flavour.

  12. Dawn says:

    Guess what, Chris? I just happened to have 3 gorgeous melongen AKA baigan sitting on my counter that I picked up from last week's farmer's market. I know what I'm having for dinner tonight. I need some extra protein though, so I think I will try some ground beef or some salt fish if I have any in the fridge. Thanks for another great recipe!

  13. Nicole says:

    Hello my name is nicole and i would love to know how to make sada roti and normal roti without the peas. Thank you…. NICOLE

  14. Re: Ron. To be quite honest I don’t know. I do know that we have a way of preparing green bananas that pretty similar to this recipe (like a curry potato, just you use green bananas). I fear that the green plantain my be a bit tough (texture) and the ripe plantin may add a sweet level of flavour and also risk it getting mushy texture.

    Tough to say. Maybe someone else on here can comment?

    happy cooking

    .-= Chris De La Rosa´s last blog ..How to make green Mango Chutney. =-.

  15. Ron Spencer says:

    I’ve just found this website as I’m interested in trying Caribbean cooking.
    Would this recipe work using plantain instead of potato?


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