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Classic Jerk Chicken Wings In the Oven.

Some of you will be saying “Chris this is just your original jerk marinade scaled down”, but with Tehya in the kitchen with me… I had to do this from scratch for her. This chile keeps having craving for spicy food, so this time when she came to me to make up a batch of jerk wings for her, I told her it’s time she learned how to organize it herself. You can see her in action in the jerk chicken wings video I posted late last night on the food channel.

I must mention that there’s no comparison to making this over coals on a grill, but with winter approaching I wanted to give you guys the option to be able to do this in the oven indoors. Now don’t get me wrong… no winter will ever stop me from grilling on the BBQ as I have no problem dressing like Sasquatch and taking on the cold to do my thing on the BBQ outside.

You’ll Need…

2 scallions (green onions)
5 sprigs of fresh thyme (about 1 tablespoon chopped)
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
1 teaspoon ground allspice
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1 Habanero pepper (scotch bonnet or any that you like)
1/4 cup soy sauce
2 tablespoon vegetable oil
1/4 cup vinegar
1 onion
1/4 cup orange juice
2 cloves garlic

3 lbs chicken wings.

The first thing we have to do is make the jerk marinade. Give the onion, garlic, hot pepper and scallions a rough chop so it’s easier for the blender or food processor to work it into the runny consistency we’ll need. Remember to wear gloves when working with peppers with extreme heat like habanero and scotch bonnet.

Basically all we need to do now is pour everything into the food processor and give it a few pulses until you get a sort of smooth (runny) consistency.

* If you don’t have access to a food processor or blender, you can certainly chop everything as fine as you can and give it all a good mix in a bowl.

 We then washed the chicken wings with some lemon juice (you can use lime or vinegar as well – about 3-4 tablespoons) and rinsed with cool water and drain. Pat dry with paper towels so the marinade can really stick onto the wings. Pour 1/3 of the marinade on the wings and using your hands, massage the wings with this lovely jerk marinade. Allow this to marinate for at least 30 minutes, before you place it into a 400 degree oven (middle rack).

 After 30 minutes we took it out of the oven to give it a good stir (flip wings) and put back for another 30 minutes.

The last 5 minutes you can turn on the broiler setting and allow the wings to get a rich brown color with a sort of toasted edges. You may have to give them a flip to ensure all sides gets this lovely sort of charred look.

You will notice there will be a sort of gravy formed at the bottom, this is excellent to pour over peas and rice to accompany these jerk chicken wings.

Tips: Line your baking dish with aluminum foil or use a disposable pan when roasting these in the oven as I did (it will make clean-up much easier). Add some brown sugar and fresh ginger to the marinade for that extra kick of flavor. Remember that most of the heat in peppers are in the seeds and area around the seeds. So if you want to cut back on the heat level, remove the seeds.

To make dry wings, simply place the wings on a wire rack over your baking dish after the wings have been marinating. This will give you crispy wings which will be packed with a good punch of Jamaican jerk goodness.

Tehya was quite happy with the final outcome of her first jerk chicken wings and though she was a bit hesitant to use the large chef’s knife to chop the onions etc.. she was very proud of her accomplishment. In future videos/recipes I’ll try to include Indy and Kieana so you guys can get to know them better and they can learn how to cook so they too can carry on our culinary traditions. It’s time we got our children involved in the kitchen and away from all the other distractions (video games, computer, cell phones.. boys!)

Before I forget… the remaining jerk marinade can be stored in a plastic bowl in the fridge for at least a week or frozen for a couple months.

Before you go I invite you to leave me your comments below.. even if it just to say hello. It’s always appreciated. And don’t forget to join us on facebook and do check out the cooking videos.

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60 Responses to “Classic Jerk Chicken Wings In the Oven.”

  1. praim sankar says:

    I think Sasquatch doesn’t wear clothes :)

  2. Rachelle P says:

    Can these be fixed in the crockpot and then put in to broil for about 10 minutes?

  3. John says:

    Regarding heat in chiles – the seeds themselves are not hot. It is the placenta that is attached to the seed that is hot. If you want chiles to be less hot, scraping the placenta out of the pepper will do the trick. If you just scrape the seeds out, but leave that ‘filmy’ white stuff, the real heat is still there. So, cut your pepper in half, scrape the ‘ribs’ out and then you can enjoy the flavor of the chile without the heat.

    • admin says:

      the membrane you speak about is correct (contains most of the heat).. however.. the seeds are deadly as well. if you make sauces with the seeds and ever come across one while eating you’ll know what I mean. i speak from experience.

  4. erica says:

    so for Sunday dinner my mother in law wants me to cook. As nervous as I am , I’m going to try this recip . I don’t want to cook a Puerto Rican dish… so WISH ME LUCKY !!!!!

  5. richard says:

    Marry en aide was wattery, but 24 hr+ it coated…threm them on the grill…WOWZA!!! Winner winner chicken wing dinner..will make again..

  6. alva says:

    LOVE chicken wings any which you cook them!! lol and I’m trying this recipe even tho I live in Florida!!

  7. Tim Bowie says:

    I’m doing jerk wings and rice and peas, so far so good, only difference is I’m using a roaster oven…, now to make my carrot punch, in which my kids love, thanks Chris I pray your continued success !!!!

  8. Kerryann says:

    I’m about to try this right now..yum yum yummmy

  9. Jennifer Cook says:

    I will be trying this for my friend’s Super Bowl Party. TBC….

  10. Savannah says:

    I cooked mine in the oven for about double the time. The wings were flavorful and the meat was falling off the bone. Whipped up some collard greens and fried plantains and my man and I enjoyed our Jamaican inspired feast. Thanks!

  11. Christina says:

    Marinade was runny as described. That’s OK, still coats the wings, still tastes great. Heated up the remaining marinade and used as a dip, BEAUTIFUL!

  12. Consuelo says:

    I’m trying these wings, they so decadent…
    but I must say I am a little nervous to play around with island spices!! Stay bless.

  13. narda says:

    hi .looks delicious

  14. Curious says:

    My marinade looked watery???

  15. Sean says:

    Wasnt the red, BBQy type jerk I'm used to but the flavors were great, wonderful wings. Only the grill could have made this better! Thanks!


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