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Cinnamon And Brown Sugar Plantains.

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50 Responses to “Cinnamon And Brown Sugar Plantains.”

  1. darnell slater says:

    always a …pleasure to see the videos on great food from you chrs always on poin……..enter my nameinto the contest please bless up

  2. kerryl-lyn says:

    Just put this in the oven, I melted the butter and mixed the spices and sugar together before putting it in the tray to bake. My house smells heavenly at this moment

  3. Crystal Douglas says:

    hi CHRIS!!! i would lovveee to enter the competition!!!

    crystal Douglas/ Guyana

  4. Jen says:

    I modified your recipe slightly so I could fry it and have it ready in a few minutes. It was so good that there wasn’t any left over! Thank you!

  5. Birdie says:

    I will be making this soon. I did something similar before but I fried it and it was good so I can’t wait to try the bake ones. I also had use a little vanilla extract.

  6. Cheryl T says:

    I tried your plantain recipe and I am going to make them again tonight. They are delicious and easy to make. I substituted turbinado sugar for the regular white sugar. I also added a quarter teaspoon of allspice. I enjoy your website and look forward to making many of the recipes. Keep up the good work.

  7. vijay says:

    Thank You My Friend, being from Barbados and living in canada For The Past 36 years, Its always great to get caribbean Dishes ,Thanks,Your Plantains Was Great,Me And My Friends In The Band Had A Good Time With some Eggs. and Milo.Have A Great Holiday From Us To You.

  8. MKB says:

    LOVED these … my plantains tasted like cinnamon rolls. Thanks for posting!

  9. Roselia magloire says:

    Will be try this omg i’m excited

  10. Lincoln says:

    As usual great recipe will try soon..
    You keep strong

  11. judy says:

    My grocery store was out of bananas. So instead I purchased green baby bananas. I’ve had them for two weeks and they have turned a little brown but they are still bright green. I opened one and it had a weird texture and I had to cut it open. I think it might be a plantain.Either way I will be trying this! Yum!

  12. Joy says:

    love plantains. had it done like this at a friend's but she also added orange juice and wine to the recipe.
    going to try it this way. Thank you

  13. Ananta says:

    Plantains were a success and it didn't stick to the parchment paper :) everyone cleaned their plates…wish I made more!

  14. Ananta says:

    I'm going to make this today for Sunday lunch, to go with some fish we caught yesterday. I'll bake them on parchment…nothing ever sticks to that!

  15. Esther Charles says:

    I will try this recipe…it look enticing.


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