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The Ultimate Masala Chicken.

If you’re looking for the ULTIMATE Curry Chicken dish cooked in under 30 minutes, you’re in the right place. This classic masala chicken is not only packed with a definitive punch of flavor, it’s super easy and quick to put together. Using skinless, boneless chicken thighs is the key for maximum flavor and speed of cooking.

You’ll Need…

4-5 lbs chicken (bones, fat and skin removed)
2 tablespoon Caribbean Green Seasoning
3/4 tablespoon salt
3/4 teaspoon black pepper
1 scotch bonnet pepper (sliced)
1 medium tomato (diced)
1 tablespoon tomato ketchup
3 tablespoon olive oil
8-12 cloves garlic (divided)
1 medium onion (diced)
1 shallot (sliced)
2 tablespoon curry powder
1/3 cup water (cooking the curry at the start)
1 tablespoon ground roast geera (cumin)
1 tablespoon Anchar Masala
2 tablespoon chopped parsley (cilantro or shado bein will be better)

Note: I used boneless chicken thighs as I find that I get the most flavor from this cut of chicken (with bones will give you even more flavor IMHO) as most people hate dealing with bones. If doing this recipe gluten free, please go through the entire list of ingredients to make sure they meet with your specific gluten free dietary needs. Especially the curry powder you use, as some may have flour as a filler/thickener.

  • I somehow lost the first set of images of me cutting and seasoning the chicken so if you want to see that part, watch the video below.

Cut the chicken into serving size pieces (I go traditional and wash my chicken with lemon or lime juice and cool water – but it’s up to you to do this step) then season with the salt, black pepper, ketchup, Caribbean Green Seasoning, scotch bonnet pepper (no seeds if you’re concerned about the raw heat) and tomato. The ketchup and tomato will add a lovely balance with the acidity and help with a thick gravy at the end. Mix well and allow to marinate for a couple hours.

Get a heavy pot on a high heat, add the oil, then add the onion, shallot and 4 cloves of garlic (smashed) and cook for about 40 seconds to one minute on that high heat.

Add the curry powder and stir well to wet-toast and allow the spices which makes up the curry powder to bloom.

It will go darker and clump, then add the 1/3 cup of water and stir. Add the roasted geera (cumin) and Anchar Masala (check your local Caribbean grocery store) and stir well. With the heat still on high, that water will burn off (yes we MUST burn off that liquid) to the point you’re seeing the oil we started with at the bottom of the pot. Burning off that liquid will ensure we don’t get a ‘raw’ curry taste later on. Start adding the seasoned chicken to the pot and stir well to deglaze and coat.

After 5 minutes, you’ll see juices naturally spout – add the remaining garlic, turn the heat down to fully cook the chicken and place a lid on the pot. If you find that the liquid is burning off quickly, add about 1/2 cup of water to the pot.

After about 20-25 minutes later, taste for salt turn off the stove and top with parsley. As mentioned above, Shado Beni (culantro) or cilantro will be better than the parsley, but all I had was parsley this day.

For more gravy you may need to add a bit of water during the cooking process (watch the video below). If you use chicken pieces with bones, it may take more than 20-25 minutes to fully cook through.

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