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Soup Season, Caribbean Comfort Food In A Bowl.

In the follow-up to my my Gourmand Award Winning The Vibrant Caribbean Pot, 100 Traditional And Fusion Recipes, I’m excited to share with you my latest cookbook Soup Season, Caribbean Comfort Food In a Bowl. If you were one of the many respondents to my Instagram poll who assisted in deciding on the name of the book.. I humbly thank you!

Loaded with 98 pages packed with 22 of my favourite Caribbean and Caribbean inspired soup recipes, with precise list of ingredients (no mommy, pinch and dash does not help), easy to follow step by step instructions and incredible HD images for every recipe, you’ll quickly master Caribbean soup making.

Along with those delicious offerings mentioned above, I’ve also included a few BONUS Recipes! Including How To Make Coconut Milk At Home, Essential Caribbean Green Seasoning, the simplicity of Making Chicken Stock and Roucou, that traditional color/flavor enhancer our ancestors would use, made from Annatto or Achiote seeds.

Important! Please Read Before Proceeding!

In an effort to save you on shipping costs (while Amazon can ship to you for free, unfortunately Uncle Chris doesn’t have that kinda flex with the shippers, so the cost to ship will be more expensive than the book itself) and more importantly, the cost to print a book has drastically increased since I published my last cookbook. Realistically it would cost you over $60 if I were to print and ship physical copies of this book.

This is an Instant Digital Download Book!

Caribbean cuisine may be new to some of you; for others, it will be a re-connection to their culinary culture. In writing this book, I wanted to address the hundreds of messages I’ve received, and answer the questions from my fans, on…

  • highlighting healthy meals
  • encouraging cooking as a family
  • preserving hundreds of years of culinary traditions
  • reconnecting people with their Caribbean roots
  • introducing the world to our beautiful cuisine
  • providing step-by-step recipes and techniques

  • At this time the book is ONLY available as a PDF digital download
  • Immediately after we confirm your order, an email with the download instructions will be sent to you. We encourage you to double-check your email address when processing the order and check your ‘spam’ folder in the event the confirmation email from us, ends up there.

Thanks for your kind support of my work. It’s truly a pleasure sharing my knowledge of the culinary culture of the Caribbean with you on and I look forward to your hearing your thoughts on Soup Season – Caribbean Comfort Food In A Bowl.

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