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The Ultimate Curry Oxtail Recipe.

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37 Responses to “The Ultimate Curry Oxtail Recipe.”

  1. zeman isreal says:

    Delicious family favorite im cooking it for my bday for my family.

  2. teesha88 says:

    If I was to add butter beans to this recipe, at what point would I add them?…

    • admin says:

      if they are canned, I’d go in the last 25 mins, if they are dried beans (make sure you soak them in water for a few hrs).. add them the last 1.5 hrs of cooking

  3. Quanette says:

    Amazingly delicious! Will definitely make this again.

  4. Pauline Baylock says:

    Jaimie, I don’t think Sharon meant that question to be disrespectful or hurtful. I grew up in a predominantly Jamaican community and curried oxtail was a staple in all of their restaurants and many of my friends homes. In fact I’ve never attended a Caribbean party where it wasn’t on the menu. I too was shocked to hear that someone from Jamiaca had never heard of curried oxtail. Never eaten it is one thing, never heard of it is tantamount to an African American from the south never hearing of grits and gravy or baked macaroni and cheese.

    By the way, the recipe sounds awesome! I will definitely try this.
    Peace and Blessings

  5. lara says:

    Thank you soon much! Im going to try this recipe right now for tonights dinner! I’m having to substitute almost every ingredient for something else.

  6. Kari says:

    Chris, if you’re using a slow cooker, how long do you leave it in there for? Same 2.5 to 3 hours?

  7. Marggy says:

    Delicious! Dare I say it? Finger licking good! Best recipe ever!

  8. marie says:

    absolutely delish! if you’re considering making it just do it!

  9. marie says:

    The oxtail curry recipe is absolutely delicious. I will definitely be adding this to my ultimate recipes.

  10. and the ketchup?… I hope you are online… I just started it boiling and now reducing to simmer (water already in it)

  11. I think I missed the part where the chopped tomatoes go in?

  12. gemm says:

    Since coming across this recipe I have not stopped making it.. This is just a wonderful curry :)

  13. Teresa says:

    I tried the guiness oxtail recipe in my slow cooker it was fabulous. Can’t wait to try curry oxtail. Got to make the green sauce first though. Can those pale green long peppers be replaced if I can’t find them . .?
    Loving the recipes thank you x

  14. Jill says:

    Chris, can this recipe be cooked in a pressure cooker or slow cooker?

    • Ell says:

      Hi Jill,

      If you scroll up a little (to where the water is being added to the recipe) it does say that you can add it to a pressure cooker (less water though) or slow cooker if you choose to go that route.

  15. natalie says:

    I am Jamaican but I have never heard of curry oxtail but will definitely try sounds and love delicious and I love curry


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