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What NEW Food Did You Try This Year (2019)?

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    As we say goodbye to 2019 I thought it would be a great idea to look back at the year, but from a food perspective. I’ve have the pleasure of visiting The Trinidad and Tobago, Rome, Pisa, Napoli, the Amalfi Coast, Marseilles, Barcelona and Palma (even dipped in to Montreal for a quick second) Places packed with great culinary traditions. Also dined at some excellent establishments in the US and Canada. The one thing that stood out, is a Salt Prunes Mango Chow my friend David Wears introduced me too late one night as we were #gallivanting thought the north west end of Trinidad. Music blaring in the background from the back of a car where people were just wrapping up their beach lime, subtle sounds of the waves crashing on shore at Chaguaramas Bay and the scent of shrimp, grilled pork and lobster filled the air… from the food truck we were there to test the menu. The heat, the sweet and salty and the delicate crunch of the pickled mangoes… was the perfect “finish” to a wonderful evening with friends.

    What was the best or most memorable thing YOU ate in 2019?

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    I tried Papusa this year. It is an El Salvadorian dish of meat into a masa dough and cooked on a comal. It was so good that I had to make some for myself.
    Chris, are you going to have your cookbook in stock soon?

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    brian mohammed

    shrimp fried rice and some coconut drops

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