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    Hey, Chris ! In several of your videos last year, you were filmed taking veggies from your garden. I would be interested in a diagram of your garden – what veggies you planted, the dimensions of the garden, and how many of each plant! Thanks

    Frank in Kansas City

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    Hello Frank,

    Apologies for the delayed response. It’s till winter here and the ground is covered in snow so going out is not ideal at the moment. I’ll update the post later on with the size and layout.

    As far as what I planted last year:

    – 4 varieties of Heirloom tomatoes
    – bitter melon
    – 5 varieties of HOT peppers
    – herbs – basil, thyme, culantro (Shado Beni), lemon grass, parsley and oregano
    – a massive vie of cherry tomatoes
    – Japanese eggplant
    – Jamaican Callaloo
    – Brussels Sprouts

    I’ll try to shoot a video (as I normally do) this coming spring, based on what you asked.



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