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The Ultimate Island Curry Duck.

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  1. Yasmin says:

    I can't wait to try making duck curry, love it

  2. kelly says:

    i really want to try this curry duck recipe, but i like how that buss up shut looking too , please people i need the recipe and the know how, i,m new to the site but i am absolutely loving it. told my husband when we build our house next year i want a computer in my kitchen so i could just come online and get my recipes thank you.

  3. Rakesh says:

    yes a duck from trinidad will deff taste different from canada.

  4. Sharleen says:

    Are there different types of duck Chris?
    Would a duck from Trinidad taste different as opposed to a duck from Canada?

  5. Ezequiel says:

    I am so excited to prepare that dish!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where can i buy a pot just like yours with the metal knob on the lid? Is there a place in Toronto or near by?

    • Niala says:

      I have seen now seen the pots at Walmarts in the GTA, I know for certain there have them at the Walmart at Scarborough Town Centre Location, and if you look around at the West Indian grocery shops.

  6. Chevy says:

    Hello, I discovered your site this morning and have spent the past 2 hours on the couch salivating over all the delicious food. I'm a Trini living in Boston, hard to get good buss up shot here. I've scoured your site for the recipe, but can't find it. Can you please post the link?
    p.s -Thanks to you, I'm planning to cook coo-coo and callalloo with fried fish for dinner tonight

    • praim says:

      chevy just type trinidad roti in your search engine and the recipe will come up any thing you want t learn to cook just ype it and it comes up

  7. Peaches says:

    I am a Trinidadian by birth thank GOD living off-island most of my life, i saw a lot of recipes my grand-mom used to make which i forgot. So i were wondering if you have a rabbit recipes, i remember she used to cook it but i can't remember how. I LOVE THIS SITE. MY GRAND-MOM IS SMILING IN HEAVEN I AM COOKING.

  8. LEO PHILLIP says:

    chris, you are the man. i really have to say thanks a million to you. it's because of you I am again the best cook in ATLANTA GA..thanks for taking the time to send me the recipes. i know you don't have too so THANKS A MILLION..I DO APPRECIATE IT. I LOVE THE RECIPES..I ABSOLUTELY DO !!!

  9. aarti says:

    Hi, this is a wonderful thing you're doing!! Please keep it up. Just wanted to find out though, I always thought washing duck/goat with lime would toughen the meat and make it harder to cook soft. We at home always wash it with flour. My dad also adds a slice of green paw paw after the meat is chunkayed to make it soft and tender. Have you ever heard that (abt the lime) or know of anyone using green paw paw?

  10. Rey says:

    omg, soo good… wow, thanks for posting… please post more Guyanese recipes!!!

  11. Grace(Lovie) says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday, My Love, an Many Many More!!!!!!! xoxox U r the best…

  12. Patty says:

    Goodness gracious! Your curry duck makes me want to jump through the screen and woof down that plate of food! I enjoy any kind of curry, but this one looks phenomenal as I am a sucker for duck meat. Your photographs of the food are mouth watering! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Jean says:

    I ready for the river lime!!

  14. Cynthia says:

    Oh my heart be still! You cooked duck curry! I want some!

  15. Fred says:

    the only thing missing is the beach :)


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