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Simple Recipe For Tasty Salmon In The Oven.

Simple Recipe For Tasty Salmon In The Oven.

Island life is closely connected to the ocean as well as the land on so many levels. Like the fresh herbs,vegetables and fruits we're blessed with, the Caribbean Sea is packed with some the most delicious fish and seafood known to man. However when it comes to Salmon, it was more of a Good Friday dish and usually the salmon came in the form of a can (or "tin salmon" as it's known). But if you've ever had stewed or curry salmon (yes the same stuff from the can) done the Caribbean way.. lets just say you'll be amazed! Living in North America means fresh salmon is readily available in most supermarkets, so this is one of my go-to recipes when Tehya (shes the only one who really deals with the fish and seafood) and I get a hankering for baked salmon.

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