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Stewed Lentils Caribbean Style.

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  1. Sabrina says:

    Thanks again for this recipe! Your site has saved me tons on confusion and burnt food :) I have now cooked stew chicken, curry chicken, and lentils all from Caribbean Pot!

  2. carie says:

    first time I saw some swizzle lentils….smh

  3. Dawta says:

    I left off the browning, used coconut milk instead of water and added curry to the oil. It came out nice:)

  4. june joseph says:

    I use coconut milk instead of water and have a delicious, creamy pot of lentils that I freeze in batches.

  5. Susan says:

    Very nice. I tried it and it works

  6. Kurt says:

    Guys, My Grand mother does it different from you all, she boils the lentils with all the required seasonings until it comes to a slightly thick consistency then add salt to taste and that's it.

  7. Fazeela says:

    i stew my lentil the same as diana but without using the sugar, i fry all the seasonings in the oil, add ketcup, fry up some more, then add the lentil, salt etc and let is simmer for a while then swizzle up and add some black pepper.

  8. Maria M says:

    Ok so I live in California and cant find golden ray anywhere, so what can use to substitude?

  9. Ras Micah says:

    I did mine differently (Ethiopian Style) i added ginger and gounded cumin and no browing and it was fantastic. This is a great dish, esp with roti. Think im going to try this recipe exactly how it is next time

  10. praim says:

    What no tomatoes or at least tomato ketchup?

  11. Shri says:

    These seem to be whole Masoor dal.
    I noticed that you use this particular stew-pot a lot while cooking your dishes.
    Am curious to know what it is made of: iron?
    It looks like something we have here, which is called 'intallium' = a mix of aluminium and steel.

  12. Guest says:

    your blog is beautiful – pics and words, well done, looking forward to trying some of the recipes out

  13. Cynthia says:

    Looks awesome Chris.

  14. Your recipe made me hungry and it is only 9 am here….

  15. diana says:

    i stew my lentils a bit different, i boil them with a little bit of sugar about a tablespoon. when they are done boiling i make the stew by heating the oil in a pot addind about 2tsps brown sugar to caramelize( as for stew chicken) and i add the following ingredients all at once to the caramelize sugar,chopped onions, chopped tomato,minced garlic, chopped hot pepper,shado beni and some ketchup.i let it fry for about 1-2 mins on low to medium heat then i add the lentils without the water it was boiled in, i add black pepper,salt, golden ray,thyme and let in fry a bit say bout 3-4 mins, then i add the water it was boiled in till it cooks down and the sauce is thickened, i add my chopped parsely and chive when its almost done.

    • jumbieg says:

      Diana, this is exactly how my mom and grand mother would make thiers as well. I had a bad experience stewing the lentils the way you mentioned and it came out a bit bitter/burned, so I had to simplify my recipe. Thanks so much for sharing this traditional recipe.


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