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Spreading The Culinary Culture Of The Caribbean – Taymer Mason.

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As a food enthusiast and blogger, I find myself browsing the Internet weird hours of the night in search of food sites and blogs, especially if they’re Caribbean related. One such night I came across a blog with some of the more appetizing pictures I’ve ever seen. My mouth was literally watering (no lie) as I quickly browsed through the site. I had stumbled onto the blog of Taymer Mason, a vegan foodie originally from Barbados and I couldn’t believe that vegan food had me this interested. You don’t grow up in the Caribbean and not have a specially appreciation for fresh vegetables and the many ways our cuisine is influenced by the variety of cultures that make up the Caribbean. Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, African and European influences can be appreciated as you work your way up the islands, staring from the mainland of Guyana. But vegan?

I’m not a vegan or vegetarian ( I don’t even know the difference and have been scolded in the past for it) and I respect people who can stick to such diets, as I know I couldn’t. If I were to be completely honest with you and for the non vegetarians who do visit the blog, I’m sure you’ll agree with me… when I think vegetarian (outside the Caribbean) I think bland food that’s probably not appetizing at all. But looking back at those pictures I saw the first night I visited Taymer’s Site Vegan In The Sun, I had to start rethinking my generalization.

About 2 weeks ago I got my hands on a copy of Taymer’s Caribbean Vegan: Meat-Free, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free Authentic Island Cuisine for Every Occasion – special thanks to Taymer and her publisher “The Experiment”. For the wonderful work being done to promote the culinary culture of the Caribbean, I thought I’d share some insights on the book. PLUS one lucky person will receive a copy of this amazing cooking experience to add to their collection – see below for full details.

Rather than a long review (which I’m not really good at anyway), I’ll point out what really stood out the book…

caribbean vegan Taymer mason

You all know how much I love documenting and showing step by step instructions, so when I opened the book and saw a section in the middle dedicated to some of the most classic of Caribbean dishes done vegan, I was truly impressed. The colorful pics that are easy to follow along with descriptive text, is simply stunning. Different types of roti, doubles and even a wicked recipe for coconut turnovers… according to Rachael Ray Yum-O! I especially like the pictorial of making buss-up-shut!

“Island Tip” Little tidbits of info scattered throughout the book elaborates on the recipes themselves and offer great alternatives for putting the recipes together. Stuff like, how to reduce the fat content or storage tips!

Each recipe is well outlined and the fact that Taymer used ingredients that’s easily available no matter where in the world you’re based, shows that she tried to make it so everyone can enjoy these recipes. With the use of fresh and flavorful ingredients, you’re sure to make what I thought was bland cooking… exciting!

I urge you to check out Taymer Mason at her blog: Vegan In The Sun and be sure to let her know that Chris from sent you. You’ll love her take on vegan food which celebrates the rich and diverse culinary culture from the islands… truly island food at it’s best!

BTW, food that’s meat free, dairy free and egg free can be just as tasty or even better than the stuff you eat everyday (don’t tell the kids but it’s supposed to be much more healthy as well)! I know that now, thanks to the banana fritters that I tried the 2nd day after I received my copy of the cookbook in the mail. And I’m trying to source some bread fruit to give another recipe a test drive.

veganWin Your Own Copy! – Caribbean Vegan: Meat-Free, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free Authentic Island Cuisine for Every Occasion.

One of you lucky readers will get a copy shipped out to you… here’s how:

You have 3 chances for your name to be entered into the draw. But before I get to the “how to enter”, lets discuss the simple rules.

1. Contest is open to everyone.

2. The winner will be chosen in a random draw.

3. There will be one winner. If after I announce the name of the winner, they don’t contact me within 15 days I will then choose another winner.

4. The contest is open from today Feb 7 and will close midnight Feb 28.

5. A couple days later a winner will be announced on the facebook fan page, as well as by email if we have the winner’s email address.

How to enter!

There are 3 ways you can enter your name and feel free to use all three methods to enhance your chances.

1. The most common way to enter – Leave a comment below. It could be a simple “enter my name” or you can chat a bit about what your favorite non-meat dish is.

2. Leave a comment on the “contest” comment on the facebook fan page << HERE!

3. Subscribe to the YouTube channel or leave a comment on one of the videos!

Let’s recap so everything is clear. One winner will be chosen in early March and a notification will be sent to that winner. The winner will then have to contact me with their full name and mailing address to have the book shipped out to them at no cost. The contest is open to everyone and you have 3 chances of winning as explained above (leave a comment below, facebook and youtube)

Again, special thanks to Ms Taymer Mason and the wonderful people at “The Experiment” for making this contest possible. Keep doing your thing Taymer, you’re a true ambassador of the Caribbean and we wish you continued success!

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  1. As a year old vegan I look for all the food that I can eat and still be nutritious…Caribbean style….
    I hope am not not too late for the give away?
    Enter my name please if you are….

    Thank You!!!!

  2. Bre says:

    Do you have any tofu recipies i may have missed?

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  4. I am very curious about it. Hope I will win this book…..

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    Hi chris your receipes is the best ……….

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    I'm a foodie to the heart. Love all types but especially my home Trini foods. Hee's my entry!!

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    Love if i can win it!!

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    Enter my name pl ease… this looks like a great collection, I will love to get a copy

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    Also please enter my name for the cookbook. Thanks

  11. Trinigyurl says:

    Hi Chris, I loved your stew chicken and I sent it to my daughter. Thanks.

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    i think i maybe late for this contest,but please enter my name for this wonderful addition to my life, so i can continue to enjoy cooking all that great finger licking food!!

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