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Some BBQ tips and techniques for finger licking ribs.

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26 Responses to “Some BBQ tips and techniques for finger licking ribs.”

  1. Man!!! Now I feel like having ribs!!! Lol…thanks Chris, great tips!

  2. Barb says:

    Thank you!! I’ve had moderate to good results with ribs. Nothing I would make for company. I’ll try this!

  3. ABB says:

    Hi. We don’t have a grill so what I do is season ribs overnight and then the next day, pour just enough water to almost cover bottom of aluminum foil-lined pan. Slow roast covered tightly in aluminum foil on 325-350 until you can stick fork through meat. Throw off almost all of greasy water. Then baste both sides uncovered with BBQ sauce until glazed, and I guarantee you fall off the bone ribs every time.

  4. Brenda says:

    This is how I’ve doing it since the 70’s. It is so good, people that say they do not eat pork, ate my ribs, and juice was all in the front of them, on their shirt. Sometimes I add Saucy Susan.

  5. michael martung says:

    hello trinis, we in brazil call guava jam and cheese – romeo and juliet
    Also big wasting time marinating beef for barbequeing, just baste on a lot roc salt ,put on grill , when ready just dust off salt, -pronto -try it

  6. Patrick says:

    Hey Chris I'm quite new to caribbean pot I just found your site looking for a jerk sauce recepie, but am a huge fan of caribbean cuisine and would love it if you could post a recepie for pepper pot soup with the calalloo,okra,salted beef,coconut cream, habanero peppers as well as dumplings


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