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Pelau, the first guest invited to every beach lime.

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  1. Cicily says:

    Just tried the recipe. It was easy! Great taste.

  2. Essence says:

    My husband is Trini, I’m Canadian born – Jamaican background and this was my first time making a Trini dish. It was so easy and tasty! my husband liked it and I’m making it again tonight!

  3. L'shanda says:

    I just made Pelau for the first time and used this recipe.. It came out great and tastes delicious.. Thank you! :)

  4. Gary says:

    Great recipe that I have used time and time again. However I am Planning a big lime (party) and want to make pelau to feed 50 people. How do I scale up the ingredients. I know some aromatics are stronger in numbers. Not worried about the rice, carrots etc but would love your advice on the sugar etc and how to approach this task

  5. BRittany says:

    Wow this was absolutely amazing! My mother use to make pelau on special occasions and when we went to the beach. It’s has always held a fond place in my heart but now that I live in San Diego it’s impossible to find a good pelau but this recipe was exactly like my mom use to make it. I made this for my African boyfriend who loves flavorful stuff and it is officially his favorite food. He even got made at me for not making it sooner and more often!! He had 4 massive bowls in two days! Finished the whole pot in less than 24 hours just the two of us!

  6. Jessica says:

    The picture above that shows when you added the coconut, makes it look very thick, what in the states we call a coconut cream. How thick is the coconut milk you use? Would you guess it would be closer to what our coconut cream is? My can of coconut milk is as thick as a cows or goats milk. Thanks so much!!

  7. jg says:

    so just tried this for the second time but i left out the cilantro, tomato and peas as i dont wish those in it and i like mine a lil darker so i added some browning in the sugar browning process and it came out delish i used 2 cups of rice to 3 cups of homemade chicken stock water made it extra yum.
    thanks c,bean pot from Barbados

  8. Patrick says:

    Love that dish. Been cooking it regularly for about a year now. My wife’s family are from Guadeloupe and are usually very picky about food from other islands but they love it too. Great blog.

  9. Phylicia says:

    I’m definitely trying this recipe. Just wondering if it’s ok to use
    The brown gravy for stewing up the kitchen instead of making it? I’m not very good with browning

  10. TriniBoy says:

    Didn’t realize Barbados and Guyana have versions of Pelau. I’ve had cookup rice and hot pot and they are not really that similar to Pelau. Pretty awesome if they do I need to try them !!!

    Any way I’m about to try your water to rice proportions to cook my pelau. I have my own recipe that’s generally close to your’s but I always forget how much water to rice you need to not destroy the chicken when you cook it down. Hope its works !!! Thanks in advance

    Wanted to let you know the “Celery” you’re looking for is Bandanya also known as Shado Beni. In North America or non Tropical areas you can generally find Cilantro in groceries that is a good but not the greatest replacement. Bandanya is much more pungent a flavor. But yea you can probably look for Cilantro and try it !!! (the plants come from the same family of plants)

    Thanks again hope this helped.

  11. shelton says:

    Hey very nice recipe tried it and I love it….big up from Barbados

  12. Ranee says:

    Hey Chris,
    I was wondering if you ever tried the herb LOVAGE to get that missing flavour. It looks like celery, but has that something extra that to me is totally Caribbean. It’s great in stir-fry too.

  13. Letizia says:

    it looks delicious, I will definetely make it for dinner this week


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