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Let’s put some juicy watermelon to some good use.

caribbean watermelon daiquiriThis time of the year every grocery flyer / circular you receive in the mail normally contains amazing deals on seedless watermelons. But growing up on the islands we were not accustomed to getting seedless anything… we had to old-school it and spit out the seeds. I remember hearing the old folks say that we shouldn’t eat the seeds or we’ll grow a water melon plant in our belly. Well due my love for watermelon and it’s refreshing nature, I should by now have an entire greenhouse of watermelon plants in my belly. Unless I do which would explain my ever growing waistline.

For under $3 I picked up a watermelon over the weekend and besides cubing it as a fruit salad for Tehya and Caron, I opted to add a little “zing” to it and make a frozen drink. I figured if they made daiquiris with ripe berries, why not water melon? A quick search on Google confirmed my thoughts. So water melon daiquiri it is then…

Note: If  you were to search for a watermelon daiquiri recipe online you won’t see then using the Angostura bitters as I did. Being Trinbagonian it’s part of my culture to add a dash or two of our world famous bitters to everything.

You’ll need…

4  cups  seeded and cubed watermelon
1/3  cup rum (only use the over-proof stuff if you’re brave)
1/4  to 1/2 cup orange juice
2  tablespoons  orange liqueur (Cointreau)
4  teaspoons  powdered sugar
2  teaspoons  fresh lime juice
coupe drops of Angostura bitters (new orange flavour one is excellent).

* slice or lime or watermelon wedge for garnishing.

I sliced the watermelon into pieces (as big as ice cubes), then placed them in a freezer lock bag and set them in the freezer for about 4-5 hours. After which I placed the frozen pieces of melon in a blender, along with the other ingredients I mentioned above and puree everything together (about a minute). That’s it.. you’re done!

watermelon daiquiri

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19 Responses to “Let’s put some juicy watermelon to some good use.”

  1. lorrie says:

    Thanks Chris, This is a great drink friends over saw the recipe could not wait until summer. We turned up the heat in the house made the drinks and enjoyed the night.

    As always,

    Thank you for a good recipe

  2. Janet says:

    Sounds delicious. I will surely be purchasing the liquor to try this. Of course, nothing but my Jamaican over proof rum!!!

    Thanks Chris

  3. kathy says:

    Hi Chris, what kind of rum did you use for this recipe?

  4. kester says:

    man can't wait to try this drink, going to make me some this weekend.

  5. ceecee says:

    umm umm umm i said i would try the watermelon dessert ur dad used to make for u, but that might have to wait, because this sounds and looks great. getting ready to go to the liquor store now. thanks chris.

  6. Gustavo Jimenez says:

    Thanks Chris for your recipes, I'm Venezuelan, and I have lived, studied and worked as a chef in the island of Trinidad, which received a special fondness and where I have amazing friends, when I read your comment about the "Angostura bitter" I wanted to tell you, that as its name says, this originated in Angostura, today Ciudad Bolivar, in Venezuela, my country and yours have benefited splendidly with the exchange of gastronomy and culture, for example you gave us the pelau, which here prepare it chicken and call it Guayanes and us give you "Parrandas" to celebrate Christmas. Thanks again, enjoy much with your Trinbagonian recipes.

  7. trinbajan says:

    Do you have any recipes for sorrel drinks with a kick? Can I find sorrel in San Diego?

    • jumbieg says:

      Sorry, i don;t have any sorrel recipes at the moment (adding on my list to do). Maybe someone in the San Diego area can comment on the sourcing of the sorrel? Remember you can always buy the dried sorrel and just add hot water to the petals. try Asian, Latin and/or Caribbean specialty stores.

  8. sherine says:

    It is a very cool drink

  9. carol says:


  10. Re: Margot, though I’m willing to try just about everything, rosemary is not one of my fav herbs :(
    .-= Chris De La Rosa´s last blog ..Overview of The City Of Toronto. =-.

  11. Another great drink recipe! I agree with Margot, I would use a little lime.

  12. Margot says:

    I like your version :) I usually make it with lime and rosemary…

    3 weeks of school passed… I got into lunch packing routine finally but we need new lunchbag, for some reason Winnie the Pooh is not favourite any more… it is for boys not girls ;)

  13. Hermin says:

    This recipe sound refreshing but I would make it without the alcohol, I must not have this so I’ll make a few adjustments for me.

    By the way I tried the fish broth and it was excellent.


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