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How To Make The Most Refreshing Mauby Drink.

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29 Responses to “How To Make The Most Refreshing Mauby Drink.”

  1. Merle says:

    Hi Chris,
    Thank you for the Mauby recipe if I am using ground nutmeg how much should use.


  2. Pamela Culley says:

    Can you show us how to make local fruit wines?

  3. johnny says:

    The drink mauby its good for what?they tell thats its good for cleanup its good for your face cutis and its like a viagra.and what more ?

  4. Griselle says:

    I ferment mine. Makes it bubbly and smoother. I also like to add a little fresh ginger while fermenting.

  5. Sarafina says:

    we add: Bay leaf, a couple of anise seeds and it perks it up.
    A bottle of old mauby does the trick for fermentation. Whenever you make, keep a bottle for the “leaven”.
    Give it a try Chris. (smile)

  6. Ian Abraham says:

    The only spice I use is star anis

  7. Ethalfrida says:

    Recently began fermentation projects and added Mauby to the list the other day. There were recipes that called for brewing yeast but I use ginger bugs instead. It came out absolutely delicious with very heavy carbonation. In fact, you have to burp the bottle within hours to keep it from exploding. The bitterness is diminshed by the brewing and it bubbles profusely!

    • Sjasja says:

      Hi Ethalfrida, Im Sjasja

      Hope you’re doing well, I read your comment about your fermentation projects. Im into the same thing and was wondering what have you try so far?

      I have made p
      Ginger beer
      Pineapple wine/ mauby
      Pineapple vinager
      Beets kvass
      Lacto orange(no no)dont like it

      New on my list to try are:

      Kilju/ sugar wine
      Banana wine

      I have the milk and the water kefir

  8. Sandra says:

    This was great. Thanks!

  9. Ana Rivera says:

    You can get Mavi on Ebay!


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