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Extreme Caribbean Pickled Peppers.

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  1. Ann Dewey says:

    Chris, I fixed the extreme Caribbean peppers. Only problem . .
    my husband requested that I chop it in the food processor to make more of a salsa that could be eaten with fritos, pita chips, or tortilla chips. I did a small amount to see how it tasted. It was awesome. So I did the rest of the contents the same way. Biggest problem I have now is the extreme lime taste. What can I add to counteract the strong taste of lime, it is a little overwhelming.
    I did have to change the recipe to make up for the fact that I could not find carali, so I used cucumber instead.
    Also, the only papaya I found was red, & very small. So I beefed it up with cantaloupe which I had a lot of in my garden.
    I hate to add sugar, but I guess if I have to I will.
    My son said that he likes this much better than Tomatillo Salsa, and is going to make it for the next BBQ & “Hot Stuff” contest at work.

  2. bulbul says:

    I just made two and half jars (about a liter) of the stuff using chocolate habaneros I grew and – this being Central Europe – carrots, cucumbers and green Hungarian (spicy) bell peppers. Now we wait…

  3. mymi says:

    Would anyone suggest the use of ghost peppers for this recipe???
    If not, what could I do with the summer’s crop of them?

    • admin says:

      I have used both ghost and scorpions for this recipe with much luck. Just be aware that this won’t be an ordinary pickle – really hot!

  4. Shari says:

    Pardon my ignorance. How do you eat this or with what? Looks very interesting.

  5. Peter says:

    I had recently finished the last jar of pickled peppers gifted to me by my friends in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Being completely hooked I was searching for information and found your blog. After searching around town I found the caraili and carambola I needed and by the end of the day successfully made my first batch. Thank you!

  6. gowra Loknath says:

    Aye Chris,
    What kinda cut up pepper sauce is that without moorai man?? Main ingredient

  7. joyce collins says:

    will try this

  8. chris says:

    Is it best to arrange for ambulances and fire department BEFORE consuming this elixer!!!!!!

    Being of Sicilian heritage, we eat hot food, but I would never eat what my family or in laws eat. I will be making this for them, for breakfst eggs of course. For me a pinch of dried habenero is enough. For tem this is not an issue.

    Good stuff!!

  9. Linda Ferguson says:

    Thanks .Chris for all the wonderful recipes. Ever since I have been going to Trinidad to see my many wonderful friends there I have come to like the food and all that goes with it. Tks for all the wonderful recipes and for sharing them. Keep them coming. Bye for now


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