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Everyday Cornmeal Dumplings.

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20 Responses to “Everyday Cornmeal Dumplings.”

  1. richard. says:

    Good food…….makes me homesick……keep on doing it.

    best regards.

  2. Caryl says:

    I’m not from the islands so this cooking is new to me. I had bought some corn meal (forgot why) but I saw a Jamaican friend make cornmeal dumplings. Yours are a little different…..can’t wait to try them!

  3. Haydn says:

    Hola, I´m sooooooo pleased I found your site as I looooove Caribbean cuisine, have you any recipes for the following – fried chicken dumplins / salt fish fritter´s ? also how to prepare Fried plantains these are quite difficult to find in my part of Spain ( Andalucia ) will be a regular from now on many thanks Haydn

  4. Sunita Mayers says:

    Awesome recipe thank you so much Chris for this one you did it again the corn meal add such a great flavourm and some heatlh benefit as well love it and the fact that I love dumplings makes this recipe more awesome

  5. B peters says:

    Thank you Chris love your cooking God bless

  6. Winnifred Poole says:

    Yes Chris I steamed my cornmeal dumpling its less sticky. But just as tasty as yours. As I said before Mmmmm .

  7. Marina St Rose says:

    Hi Chris I was introduced to your channel by my daughter, ever since I cannot stay off your recipes. I am trying your curry chicken, can I use Turmeric instead of curry?

  8. Mel says:

    Greetings Chris…you have such a beautiful family…do you have a recipe for sweet potato pudding? I will be looking out for it….keep up the great job…happy New Year

  9. Joanne Tarplee says:

    i'm loving all these live video's , can taste the exotic recipes already..time for me to get experimenting…keep the video's coming please xx

  10. Sunita Ramdass says:

    Am going to try this all your recipes are great i have try some but yours look better hope everyone enjoying cooking cause i do . Its the Carribbean taste to go all the way.

  11. ramdassv says:

    Am going to try this all your recipes are delicious so far i try some but your one look s more tasty . A very good job you are doing please keep it up am enjoying cooking.

  12. Milly says:

    OMG……. I am so glad that a few hours ago this recipe came back on my Facebook page. In the country where I am born ( Surinam South America) the elderly use to cook soup and the dumplings were going in the soup. Especially if they didn't had green bananas (plátanos verde). I remember this and when I saw it the first time I didn't save it in my Word documents. So thank you so much for repeating some of your lovely recepies. Thank you so much for learning the world all about your wonderful island and food. GBU
    The Netherlands

  13. INGRID ROLLINS says:


  14. Joanna says:

    Thank You for your tradational recepies, it do bring back that grand ma used to make taste to my kitchen. It is a stress therapy relieve for me on FB to catch your cooking. Please do keep up the great work. Its Caribbean Flavors not lost but infused to us Caribbean living far away from home.

  15. Indrani Abdool says:

    Looks Yummy !!! I am going to try this today with stew fish !!!

    • cinta says:

      hi christ im from malaysia i am very interested in carribean food cooking i never taste any carribean food b4 and very happy to find this website….thanks a lot'''terima kasih


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