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Enticing Garlic Pork At Christmas.

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  1. Jen says:

    The fact is that we all had Portuguese immigrants and so the Maderia islands style of cooking is now part of our Cuisine.

  2. Gina says:

    My aunt from Guyana always made this at Christmas but I always found it was much
    too tangy because of the vinegar, to the point where I could not eat it. I found it was too "acid".
    Is there anyway to remove some of the acidity? Some cousins of mine steam the pork before frying just to remove some acidity. Would really like your feedback on this.

  3. Coral says:

    In Guyana we use Thyme, garlic and pepper..Like the Antiguans, we layer the ingredients in a bottle and fill it with vinegar. @Sara, we soak the pork 2 to 3 months..

  4. verewiliams says:

    that my line of food in caribbean and also in antigua

  5. Ninette C -Bird says:

    If dont have the Shado beni , they could use Cilantro as the smell and some say the tate is very simular…. I can notice a difference and I am sure you can too… ,,Now I am going to try this recipe using both …love pork just as long as not to fat

  6. Tyra says:

    I marinated some and put in the fridge today. I think I will fry it up Christmas moring. I know that is not the four to five days, but it will have to do for this first time. I hope it comes out tasty!

  7. Sara says:

    What's the longest time you can allow the pork to soak???

  8. Lauren says:

    Just thought I would pass along a ote. My Guyanese mother-in-law fries up her garlic pork with a little tomato paste added to some of the marinade. It makes a very nice sauce to dip your bakes in.

  9. Patricia says:

    This is extremely interesting. I am going to give this a try for xmas 2011. Thanks Chris.

  10. Jo Mclean says:

    We called it in Antigua( ???not sure of the spelling) Vinha D'alooish. We used wine vinegar, sweet marjoram, oregano and loads and loads of garlic and loads of pepper. We then washed the meat with vinegar. Water was not to touch it. Then packed it in a jar with alternate layers of meat then herbs and we covered the whole thing with the vinegar and left it for at least 1 month. Our family usually got half a pig and did this procedure and we had it for breakfast during the whole festive season starting on Christmas morning. Great memories.

  11. Alf G says:

    That looks very yummy. Me and my family loves pork and will deffinitely do some pork this way for xmas 2011. Thanks Chris and a Happy Xmas to you and yours in advance.

  12. Marian says:

    Wow this is exactly how I make mine at Christmas but because I like to have it ready in advance I pre cook mine in the oven for 20 minutes and then I freeze it in batches and then when I want it to have with my pastels, ham and oven bake I take out a package and then thaw and fry it up in the oil fresh for that day, my husband and son love it soooooo much!

  13. Jean says:

    I have to try this!

  14. Emma says:

    That looks delicious!


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