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Distinctive Curry Seim With Potato.

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12 Responses to “Distinctive Curry Seim With Potato.”

  1. Lydia Tauwnaar says:

    It looks great. I will surely try it. I have tried to prepare sim before, but it was a big failure. Now I have your recipe to try it again. Thank you so much, Chris. Have a great day.

  2. Helen says:

    Always enjoy your videos. Thanks. I have seim on my fence bearing now. So I will show them some appreciation in some curry. They will be happy lol.

  3. Anjinie Bifulco says:

    Hey Chris I grew up with this dish,I still cook it as often as I can! Thanks for sharing! !

  4. This recipe brings back memories of my mom. She used to make a real delicious seim and roti.

  5. Lee Hatfield says:

    I always enjoy your recipes Chris, these are ALL the food I love to cook for my family, and some of the same recipes my mother and Grandmother taught me.Keep sending them and I will continue to get applause from Husband and grandchildren. Thanks.

  6. Michelle says:

    Always made this with just tomatoes and seasoning, . Can’t wait to try it with potatoes. Thanks Chris.

  7. carol says:

    Chris this curry seim wiith potato looks really good .It can also work for curry bodi and potato. Thank You.

  8. claudette says:

    Not usually one of my favourites but it sure looks great enough to give it another try

  9. trini says:

    i love it !

  10. Etris Perry says:

    Hey Chris….is it possible for you to post some finger foods for us? Have a great day.

  11. ucilla says:


    Love this one to the maxx.

  12. sharon clarke says:

    great video,truly helpful. i used it to cook my sunday meal. i really was in trouble as to how to cook this seim.thanks a million


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