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Friends, I’ve created this new section to the website to answer the questions you’ve been sending to me in regards to cooking, kitchen help and general food related topics. I’ll try my best to stick to the theme of the website and concentrate of Caribbean related food topics, but you must understand that cooking and food is not about borders, so you will find me addressing concerns and questions that may come in from readers globally.


Here’s how it works…

Send me your questions via the CONTACT page, the Facebook Fan Page or by leaving comments at the bottom of videos I post (there will be a comment section). After I receive your questions, I’ll list them in my personal notes and  refer to that list when I’m doing video responses.

I’ll try my best to get to all of your questions, but remember that this is not my full time job and I do get a lot of questions, so please have some patience. I would suggest that you head over to the video channel I created for this section and review the video responses I’ve already uploaded. You may find that I may have already addressed your concern in a previous video.

The name of the video channel is called Food FAQ and there’s already a few videos posted with some common questions you may have. The new videos will always load automatically when you click on the image below.

I once again thank you for your continued support and for helping me make this into the biggest hub on the internet for Caribbean cuisine and culinary culture. Please remember to leave you comments and questions at the bottom of each video .. even if it’s just to say I’m doing a good job. I appreciate it when I get your feedback.

Happy Cooking




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