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Caribbean Stewed Chicken With Red Beans Recipe.

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31 Responses to “Caribbean Stewed Chicken With Red Beans Recipe.”

  1. Tommy nunnelly says:

    Your chicken stew and red beans recipe is the bomb,and easy to it

  2. korease says:

    I absolutely love it. Thanks for an awesome tasting recipe. In love.

  3. monique says:

    thank u for another wonderful dish

  4. Marva says:

    Have not tried the recipes yet, but would appreciate a breakdown in the calories, fat and cholosterol count. Please.

    Thank you

  5. Derrick says:

    Thanks for this and all the recipes. I live in Hawaii and thanks to you I’m hitting em in the head with knockout “other island” recipes! Stand up!

  6. William says:

    O.. (licking fingers) … MY …(licking fingers) … GOD …(still licking fingers) …. Awesome dish!!! Shared it with my neighbors, and they love it !!! :-)

  7. darrell says:

    you just keep on getting better and better keep on rolling

  8. JRW says:

    This was fantastic!!

  9. Michelle says:

    Hey Chris,
    Thank you for keeping the art of Guyanese cooking alive!! And for making us proud to be Guyanese. You are doing a fantastic job. Our younger generation has become westernised and some really don’t even know to cook let alone develop the art and love for food preparation. Continue to inspire them I pray, that all will not be lost.

    This is a simple yet very tasty dish! Reminds me of the dish from Suriname called “Bruine Bonnen” or “Brown Beans” …finger licking good!

    Fantastic job Chis, keep the recipes flowing.
    Michelle from London, UK.

  10. Lou says:

    This looks fab! I plan to do this very soon. Would like to cook the beans with the rice. Would that make much difference? Many thanks :)

  11. Judy. Lappebakken says:

    Hei cris. I am sitting here in Norway watching you cooking salt fish buljol and I am home sick like hell. Miss Trinidad around this time when there,s almost three feet of snow over here,but I will be making your BBQ chicken for dinner so all is not lost. Judy.

  12. Mrs White says:

    This recipe is so good. I made it tonight for the family and it was a big hit. Will make it again… Thanks for sharing.

  13. Michelle says:

    I made this last night and it is so good. It looks just like yours. I shared the recipe with my sister in Texas.

  14. Carmen says:

    Aw man that looks so good.

  15. Pat says:

    This recipe is very good.


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