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Can smoke herrings be considered comfort food?

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51 Responses to “Can smoke herrings be considered comfort food?”

  1. Sato says:

    Man dat is boss food. Does lash with dhal and rice too, or make ah smoked herring buljol with coconut bake. Island food. Also smoked herring with some sada eddoes and corn roti. Awesome!!!

  2. Lydia says:

    Yes we do get smoke herring fillets in Trinidad., a number of years now

  3. kurtster says:

    Yah! Love carib home food. Made this with lotsa scotch bonnet, sweet bell, french shallots, green onion and yellow onion and put on baked potato and baked sweet potato…cool. Very tasty. Will do on rice and pease next. May put some grilled shrimps in it too – you never know. BTW, very small pieces of straight up chix mixed into traditional ceasar dressing instead of anchovies is outright killa.

  4. margot says:

    Absolutely love smoke herring with fried bakes!! I’m going to make some right now. Thanks for sharing good old island nostalgia.

  5. Annie says:

    Loved it!!!

  6. kerryl-lyn says:

    Felt for this dish today so I can home and made it with some fried bake. Fantastic

  7. kerryl-lyn says:

    Just finished making this dish fantastic

  8. Rosalind says:

    Smoked herring also goes very well with cornmeal cou-cou (a Bajan national dish) or breadfruit cou-cou

  9. Mona says:

    Thanks for this recipe. I am preparing this for my Trini husband so I have to get it right. (Lol). I am Barbadian and my Gran did it a little differently.

  10. Linda Ferguson says:

    I love smoked herring in fact I love all fish. My parents were fron the East Coast and I was raised on fish. I sure will give this recipe a try. Thanks Chris for all you wonderful recipes

  11. Karen says:

    What island are you from?

  12. SUSAN CLARKE says:


    I love red herring with breadfruit coucou (creamed) but in a tomato based sauce. I also strip it in small bite sized pieces and but in jar with sliced onions, a scot bonnet pepper and some olive oil. Let it sit for a couple of weeks and eat on biscuite (crackers). SWEET MURDER!!!!!! BAJAN


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