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Can smoke herrings be considered comfort food?

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  1. D.C says:

    For us West Indians, smoked herring is definitely a comfort food!

    I can remember my Mother preparing it with boiled green banana and dumpling some Sunday mornings. Delicious!

  2. Gailo says:

    I make this almost every Saturday morning for Breakfast sale at my church.
    Try it with coconut oil.
    As Chris will say.WICKED

  3. Gailo says:

    I make this almost every Saturday morning for Breakfast sale at my church.
    Try it with coconut oil.
    As Chris will say ,WICKED

  4. gowra Loknath says:

    Hey Chris,
    I love this recipe, but I make it like tomato and saltfish. I shred the herrings, after the boil water bit. Then I cut up the onion, garlic and pepper and chonkay this in oil.(Sautee for you foreigners). Then I put in the shredded herrings and let it cook for a bit. I then add the cut up tomatoes and let it cook with a bit of sauce. I love to eat this with buss up shut. No added salt because the fish is already salty.

  5. Paige says:

    In Canada, my mother soaked them overnight in a big bowl of cold water to get out the salt. Then pan fry with a little butter and serve with toast for a out of this world breakfast!

  6. Ina says:

    Laaaaaawdddd you all have me here hungry and mouth watering

  7. shelly says:

    Cassava dumplings, sweet potato and dasheen with smoke herring and a mug of lime juice. Righteous

  8. natashA says:

    Hi Chris. I boil the smoked herrings and mash them up real fine. Then I fry lots of sliced onions garlic and hot peppers in oil just enough to soften them then I pour the mixture with the oil over the fish and mix. The carmeliz onions add sweet to the salty herrings that's to die for. Try it.

  9. natasha says:

    My favourite food Dahl rice ans smoked herrin…I agree with that being comfort food.

  10. Linda Ferguson says:

    Hi Chris. I remember when I was little my Mother used to tell me that some Nova Scotians are known as herring chokers.. I guess they ate a lot of herring. I know that we did when I was little. I really love smoked herring. Tks for a new way of preparing herring.

  11. warner says:

    Hi Chris, this one brings back wonderful memory for me, but in Antigua we call it red herring. You can cook it in lime juice or vinegar and that will take away the scent. it funny now how these things are so expensive, back then it was poor people food. Keep up the good work Chris.

  12. Avion Orr says:

    I boil my herring first with a little lime juice. I also saute the ingredients stretching it with chopped cabbage before adding my herring. I love this dish.

  13. Bebe says:

    I love smoke herring. I love the pictures as I learn by seeing not reading so much recipes. My cousin in Canada sent me to you. I live in Tennessee where I cannot find smoke herring fillets like I use to in
    Florida. Maybe if I find a spanish store I can get it there. Do you know where I can get it in Tennessee?
    I also love you other recipes. I am dribbling for doubles, bara, poulori and all that good stuff. Maybe you'
    have a recipe for doubles….let me know. Thanks alot. Bebe

  14. carol says:

    Hi Chris, you must be corrected. Here in Trinidad we do get smoke herring fillets at the supermarkets
    As a matter of fact I have a pack in my refridgerator right now. This recipe is a splendid dish . Happy eating. Thank you.

  15. Andrianna says:

    This recipe looks amazing. Looks easy to make and I really think my kids will enjoy this.


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