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Buss Up Shut Roti Made Easy!

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Hello Chris,
    I look forward to all of your recipes, especially curry crab and curry shrimp and potatoes. But recently, I found out that I’m allergic to wheat flour (gluten free) and I can not make the traditional roti recipe. And I really miss buss up shot. Could you please work on one that can use other flours?

  2. Beverly says:

    This is my second time making this delicious roti. First served it with a goat curry and tonight it will be chicken curry. I first heard of Buss Up Shut on an episode of the tv show chopped when a Caribbean chef pulled it off in only 30 min! I went on line to find a reciepe and loved yours because your pictures and explanations were awesome.

  3. Goldiemtl says:

    Hey Chris!

    Thanks for another amazing recipe that is flavourful and easy to follow.
    Just Madrid steeed curry chicken and we were going to have it over rice but decided to make the roti and it turned out perfectly!

    Love your site and keep up the great work!

  4. Aileen says:

    Hi Chris,

    I made this for dinner tonight and it’s the best roti I have made to dat. I have been shy about it because it always turns out poor. This recipe turned out soft and fluffy…I will definitely be making it again for family and friends.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Terry says:

    Hello Chris,

    Just finished some of that for my colleagues here in Bangui, Central African Republic where I am stationed with the UN. It is something like a competition as I have a colleague from India who did his chapati (Indian style which is different from Trini style) and to say the least, I did not have enough to go around.

    I have a sister who is also doing that and makes a good living preparing Trini dishes for her New York clients.

    There are so many of your recipes that I have passed on to my colleagues (hot cross buns for the Ivorians, for example) and just passed on this link to many Ugandans and Kenyans. I use ghee instead of the oil and margarine mix, which would give the same results.

    Just keep on keeping on, your recipes are being used worldwide and I have encouraged them to sign up to your mailing list so don’t be scared if you see a big jump in applications from Africa.

    Thanks for sharing and God Bless

    • admin says:

      Much luv for the support, sharing our culinary culture with your friends and for taking the time to share. Be safe. Chris…

  6. Hello Chris!

    Happy New Year to you and your family! Keep up the great work that you do everyday….you make a big difference in people’s lives by posting such pleasurable recipes that everyone enjoys.

    I’m gluten free and having to pass up on that roti is hard!!! Would you be able to post a gluten free recipe? Please? Pretty please? I would be so thankful to you!


  7. Elena says:

    Chris, I often come to your blog to compare your recipes with those I have been lucky enough to watch my Guyanese mother in law create in her kitchen. As I write this, my eldest daughter is preparing her presentation in her Grade Two French Immersion class tomorrow on roti. She has to describe who makes it (grandma), when and where she eats it, why she likes it, and how it is made. I have printed off this post so she can take it to school to show her classmates how it looks as it’s being cooked, even though the Trini way is different from the Guyanese method of burning the snot out of your hands to “clap” the roti! (Your method looks so much easier!) All this is to say, thank you for taking the time to post photos of each step; I can’t wait for my daughter’s classmates to get their first taste of roti, thanks to Grandma, and their first lesson on how’s its made, thanks to you. I very much appreciate the time and energy you put into this site!

    • admin says:

      thanks kindly for taking the time to leave such a wonderful comment and to reassure me that what I;m doing is making a difference

  8. Bernice Martin says:

    This look so good.

  9. Carol Thebus says:

    I have to say, since I happened upon this site, I immediately subscribed. I am awe inspired by all your recipes, and I have to mention that I do appreciate that you are very open about your dislikes to any recipe/s ingredients you do not favour. I love your cooking and have already done quite a few dishes. South Africa is now experiencing our wonderful springtime, and I have many of your dishes to be thankful for in preparation thereof.


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