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A Classic Jamaican Jerk Marinade.

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  1. Hilda Cannella says:

    Gracias Christ, tu eres el mejor!!!!!!

  2. Brian P says:

    This recipe is terrific, I love it. Thanks so much. I told my brother about this recipe and he can’t get enough either. Thanks again.

  3. ANGELA says:


    • jumbieg says:

      Lovely use of language ms. The final color you see is after it's been in the oven. Take a look at the ingredients of this and/or any jerk marinade and tell me where the 'red" would come from. That's the natural color after roasting in the oven..

    • Djpopdod says:

      WOW!!! Angela! What's with the hatin'? What's with the language?

    • CatStull says:

      Is your vocabulary so poor that you have to use such language?

  4. A B says:

    Ah! I thinks it's the scallions! Don't blend the scallions — they bitter the marinade right up… just chop them and fold them into the other blended ingredients…

  5. A B says:

    Do you use the stalks of the fresh thyme? My marinade is coming out heaps bitter…

  6. Christopher Hosein says:

    I will try out some of your ideas and recipes…stay tuned! "One Dish One Love" Las Vegas!

  7. suzi says:

    Yum looks good!

  8. Angie says:

    I am definately going to try this recipe for the Jerk Marinade and when I do I will get back to you . Smile

  9. chricynthia alleyne says:

    man i am so grreatful for this recipe. what is in the supermarket has msg. i prefer the local touch. Thanks fior the recipe .

  10. Carolyn says:

    FYI You should of taken of skinned ur chicken!

  11. mandrill says:

    Ha ha. I have just served this up to my daughter and she devoured it and wants seconds. She said "No offence dad but it tastes nothing like the Jerk that we buy in our favourite takeaway but it is still delicious" I will work on it and tweak until I come to the taste that suits me.

  12. Traci says:

    Can hardly wait to see your Ultimate Oven Jerk Chicken Recipe – please post it SOON!!!!!

  13. Compre says:

    Jum ah thought ,pimento is the secret ,according to the youtube vid .

  14. damion says:

    his name is bobby flay eh plz don't go callin d man bobby flaw keep up th great recipes btw!!!!!!

  15. Dane says:

    Very similar to my recipe but I use a lot more scotch bonnets =0


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